1. Frankor

    New E220D AMG Line Premium W213 - or is it?

    I hope one or more of the honourable members on here can clear this up for me. A brand new E 220 D AMG Line Premium 4 door saloon, with a VIN starting WDD 2130042A.... Just received the V5C from DVLA which states Vehicle Type 212 The build document states a type 212. My reason for trying...
  2. S

    2016 Mercedes E220d Premium - Polar White

    For sale is my beautiful 2016 E220d with Premium Pack in Polar White. This car has extras fitted including: Premium Pack Widescreen Cockpit and Comand Online 360 degree camera 20" AMG Multi Spoke alloy wheels Privacy Glass The car was registered in June 2016 and has warranty until June...
  3. S

    W213 e220d 3 days old - engine problem

    Hi All, Registered for this site prior to recieving my new e220d hoping I would be coming here on a positive note but 3 days and ~400 miles later I am having problems with the car. 1.Engine revving when I am braking - this happened for the first time today - coming up to roundabouts the...
  4. G

    Owner to be

    Hello MBClub members, This is my intro post. I have placed an order for the new E220d 4Matic AMG-Line W213. I have been promised a delivery time of end of June or beginning of July 2017. I did choose Premium Plus version with Driving Assistance Plus package, COMAND Online system with wide...
  5. T

    2016 E220d SE - 4k miles, COMAND, Widescreen Cockpit. Immaculate £26,195

    Selling on behalf of family: June 2016 Mercedes E220D SE 9G-Tronic offered for sale. Options include metallic paint, COMAND with LIVETRAFFIC, widescreen cockpit, sports seats, reversing camera. Extensive list of standard equipment such as iPod control, electric heated seats, cruise...
  6. A

    2017 e220d Lock Car With Engine Running

    Please don't judge me but if my car is very frosted I like to lock it with the engine running while I eat my cereal. (I have another car in my garage). This means visibility is perfect as I drive off. My last car was a 5 series and I could simply hop in, start the car then get out and lock...
  7. I

    W213 Videos USB/SD (E220d SE Auto)

    Morning Gents, How on earth do you get video files to play! I've looked through the forums and in various threads, there does not appear to be a definitive answer to playing videos/movies via the USB/SD Card slots in a W213. First off, do you have to have the dual screens to play...
  8. M

    Diesel - 2017 Mercedes GLS350d, GLC250d, E220d - Video

    2017 Mercedes GLS350d 4Matic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZtW28or1GM&t 2017 Mercedes GLC250d 4Matic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB1LMl9VeV4 2017 Mercedes E220d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYTdzUL0YiE
  9. M

    2017 Mercedes E220d All Terrain Test Drive, Interior, Design - Video

    2017 Mercedes E220d All Terrain Test Drive, Interior, Design [YOUTUBE HD]YvTOa53JpTk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. R

    USB Media on new E220d W213 Driving me mad!

    Hi not sure if anyone can help but here goes. Put a selection of albums on a USB stick, all tagged correctly (as I thought) with album art etc, connected to USB1 in the car and noticed I had some errors on the MP3 tags that I needed to correct. Made some changes and plugged the USB back in and...
  11. R

    2017 E-Class E220d AMG Line Premium plus

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so thought I'd say hi with a few pics of my new car. This is a massive change from the cars I'm used to. My old car was a 400bhp mk7 Golf R (0-60 in 3.7seconds)so switching to a. If luxury car was a risk, but one that's paid off luckily. The Spec I ordered...
  12. M

    2017 Mercedes E43, E350d, E220d, E250, Estate Wagon - Official - Video

    https://youtu.be/CZyZEWZurXI [YOUTUBE HD]CZyZEWZurXI[/YOUTUBE HD] https://youtu.be/zUTDbjM5kII [YOUTUBE HD]zUTDbjM5kII[/YOUTUBE HD] https://youtu.be/VBdCZyLQCpM [YOUTUBE HD]VBdCZyLQCpM[/YOUTUBE HD] https://youtu.be/Zi7zZ562-Lc [YOUTUBE HD]Zi7zZ562-Lc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  13. timskemp

    W213 E220d purchase musings

    I was gonna wait, but the appeal of a latest and greatest and two test drives have swayed my thinking! So... Trying not to overspend (there's no budget, just common sense involved, after all it's the bank's money for now) Driven an SE with almost nothing, and an AMG line with almost...
  14. M

    Turning off the limp/safety mode on my E220D?

    I did lots of changing of oils, filters and other bits and pieces today and whilst doing so managed to get the car to turn its limp mode on. It'll only do 2200rpm and won't shift down when accelerating. It happened when I had all the oil out of the car. I had to put the ignition on to get...
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