1. P

    w210 e290 td

    w210 e290 td wont rev above 3000 rpm hey guys, i have a problem with my w210 e290 td it wont rev above 3000 rpm. when i leave my garage i crashed my exhaust and it make a hard noise inside the cabine,i dont know if this is the problem or what .thanks
  2. M

    w210 E290 turbo problem

    Hi, i'm new to this forum. I'm having some troubles with my W210 E290TD from 1999. While driving on the highway the car goes into "limp home" (max 3000 rpm). i have read out the error code: P1470 Boost pressure vacuum control transducer I then tried swapping the valve for the turbo...
  3. F

    W210 E290 Turbodiesel

    This noon when I was out and about I saw a pre face lift W210 that was on German plates badged as the above title "E290 Turbodiesel". In the UK we had a E300 Turbodiesel but stranage why in Europe they have the E290 unless it is just badged differently in rest of Europe? :confused: Has...
  4. Monique

    MB - Any comments on E290 TDI or E 300 TDI?

    New on this fine site. Considering a 290 or 300 TDI from 96-98. Any specific issues about the cars, powerplants/drive train? Like any manufacturer, MB does not admit to any issue.. bit like Porsche and the RMS failures in their water coolers. :o Write on fellow petrol heads! :D
  5. Steve_Perry

    E290 Turbodiesel ?!??

    I was in Asda's today on the usual lunch run and in the car park I spotted a W210 (Pre facelift I think, I wasn't paying too much attention :p ) in metallic Amethyst (same colour as MBenzNL's C250D) but what really caught my eye was the car's rear badging... E290 Turbodiesel. The car was on...
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