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    Good indy near ealing!

    Hi all. I am having a majorly annoying problem with my e320cdi. Its showing intermittent power that returns when you restart the engine. No CEL but an EGR fault logged on star. Current indy says the EGr is operating correctly. The power problems are normal power when its cold, then as...
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    Ealing Council ticket

    What's the rule for parking on a yellow line in a side street in Southall on a sunday? With no signs anywhere about restrictions. My appeal had been rejected due to "parking on single yellow is NOT permitted at anytime unless otherwise stated" Are we looking at sillybuggers here?
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    E class car thefts in Ealing

    In case there's anyone from the Ealing (London) borough who owns an E class, the local Chiswick forum http://www.chiswickw4.com has an article on some quite prolific car theft. Please take care. Here's the direct link - http://nnet-server.com/server/common/concrime85.htm
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