1. O

    antiroll bar links and the effect on car handling?

    Hello, My links are shot, this been a while, need to replace them, but I have a wee question, the car seems to skip a bit in bumpy roads and the steering wheel feel lighter too. Like the wheels jumped off the road. I got low profile tyres, this doesn't help the bumps tho, and lately I changed...
  2. M

    "Sport", how do I tell and the effect on ride? (W210)

    I have just returned to the MB world after a short spell with a smaller, more "sensible" 4 cylinder car and treated myself to a 2001 E430 Tourer as my daily driver. Fortunately I don't do too many miles so I can spend the initial outlay saving, over a smaller or diesel engined version, on fuel...
  3. C

    Who here believes that what cars we drive has any effect on the environment ?

    Who here believes that what cars we drive has any effect on the environment, at all ? I will stand up and be counted and say that I think it is utter rubbish and merely a taxation / job creation ("green" industry) thing. Does any one else on here, consider for a moment all of this "Green"...
  4. M

    Effect of Wheel Size on CO2

    My E350 (when it arrives) has the sport pack and therefore the 18" AMG wheels. The Avantgarde has smaller wheels. Strangely the smaller wheels mean it has a lower CO2 figure. I am a little perplexed as the 18" wheels put me 1 - yes 1 - gram into the next car tax bracket (which is over...
  5. X

    how to remove wood effect trim from my dashboard

    i am trying to remove old mobile phone fixing kit from my CLK. Previous owner have removed all bits and pieces but left ugly metal fixing bracket sticking out of my dash. does anyone know how i can remove wood effect panel that is surrounding aircon buttons/radio so i can take this ugly metal...
  6. S

    How does the type of engine effect crash test performance.

    A safety related thread this one but I am genuinely curious to find out how certain models in a range would perform in a crash. Lets take the W211 E class saloon as an example. The NCAP test was done on an E220cdi Elegance, see it here How would an I6 engined E320cdi fare in that test with the...
  7. P

    turbo effect is gon until car "restarted"

    Hi, again, have some technical issues with my car, it hapened about 6times in 1month when suddenly while driving, turbo boost on intake effekt is gone, so there is no power under 2000rpm, it becames without turbo, until i stop and restart car, what can cause such thing ? car is mercedes W210...
  8. F

    spring pad effect

    i'm thinking of changing my spring pads but before i do change them i have a few questions. i understand they are used to change the height of the car but do they effect anything else. would you feel more of the road, bumps etc because there is less rubber betwwen the spring and the car. going...
  9. C

    elastic band effect

    the auto box on my 210 300td has penchant for slow or un smooth gear changes usually when cold but not all the time, also at higher speeds wont change up or down but only intermitent any advice would be grateful.
  10. A

    C250D Maf censor effect on tranny

    Could a faulty Maf sensor have an effect on my tranny slipping between 2/3. This seems to be happening only when the car is scold and when driven on low revs.The problem is also occurring when driving around corners when the transmission shifts from 2 / 3 rd. If driven on high revs from the...
  11. drifting

    W211 04 plate odd accelerator effect?

    Best way I can describe it! When going round roundabouts,pulling away from a standing start, or even crawling in a queue, the car sort of pauses then lurches forward. It's as if there is a dead spot on the throttle. It is most notable on roundabouts and damn irritating. Annoying part is...
  12. Brucer

    Does getting your windows tinted effect your remote locking & radio signal???

    When I recieved my new c class sports coupe I got the windows dark tinted all round. The problem being is that when I'm walking away from the car & I try the remote locking, the doors wont lock. I have to be in view of the sensor on the drivers door handle to make sure that the doors do lock. On...
  13. Sp!ke

    New wheels effect speedo calibration

    I was just wondering how much a serious wheel change (say 15" to 18") would effect the calibration of the speedo. Can the speed sensors be adjusted or is the difference so minimal its not worth bothering with? Anyone looked into this b4?
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