1. KillerHERTZ

    Heads up Wheeler Dealers - Lotus Elise 9pm

    For all those who couldnt give a about the football. Last in series.
  2. Rashman

    Elise & Atom to appear in new Star Wars film..

  3. W

    2003 Elise 111S - hard top & air-con, £12,999

    £12,999 2003 Lotus Elise S2 111S Ardent Red 38,000 miles (increasing ~100miles/wk) Hard Top in Matching Ardent Red Air-Conditioning Fully Documented Lotus/Specialist Service History Larini Club Sport Exhaust CD/MP3 Player Lotus Cat 1 Cobra Alarm 2 Sets of Keys & Alarm Fobs HPI...
  4. W

    To Lotus Elise, or not Lotus Elise: That is the question.

    I've been spending the last week or so reading up about Lotus Elises. There's a lot of good website on the marque and a decent forum too. Naturally on the forum the question is not so much if to buy an Elise, but which model. :) It seems to boil down to a second generation 111S or 111R. I wont...
  5. Donza

    Lotus elise or S2000?

    After the Motorshow i am very tempted to either buy a used Elise 111s or S2000. I am selling my current house and moving back near my folks. SO i have some money to play with. I am leaning towards the Elise for sheer looks. But the S2000 will be more practical. Decisions, decisions and more...
  6. renmure

    Went for a test drive: Supercharged Elise

    My g/f and I had a test drive of the Lotus Elise SC yesterday. It was either that of wandering around the Garden Centre. In a way I was trying to be a hard-to-please potential customer since I really like my 111R and most of the time I quite enjoy the need to keep the revs up in the power band...
  7. Spinal

    Fur Elise

    http://support.microsoft.com//default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;261186 Albeit the fact that it starts playing relaxing music as your CPU burns, who-else finds this quite funny?
  8. gbjeppm

    Police Lotus Elise

    I drove down to Brighton on saturday, and was amazed to see that Sussex police have invested in a Lotus Elise. I have been struggling to think of the justification for a 2 seater sports car at the tax payers expense, and to be honest failed miserably. Anybody got any ideas?
  9. ADY1983

    Cheap Lotus Elise...

    Hello people, today I have been offered a cheap Lotus Elise it is a 1997 P reg, silver, 1.8L 110bhp?? my Manager bought it as a wright off a couple of years ago, it has covered very low miles but is now on a Q plate. Its had new clams etc. and all the work has been done at garages etc. New...
  10. R

    For Sale: Lotus Elise S2

    Putting this up on behalf of a friend of mine. Anyone whos in the market for an Elise could do a lot worse than to check this car out! **************************************** http://www.adesplace.com Contact Adrian on 07780 686843 or...
  11. simonl

    track day as passenger in an elise

    Nowt to do with Mercs but what the heck...... On Friday evening I got invited to be a passenger in someone's Lotus Elise around Knockhill Race Track. What a fantastic evening. Those cars are great fun and if I had a large sum of spare cash I would be sorely tempted to buy one. They...
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