1. C180AMG71

    Live Traffic Info expired.

    I got an email today from the local dealer which says the following: "We hope that you have enjoyed using our "Live Traffic Information" service. We are writing to inform you that your three years' free subscription of "Live Traffic Information" will soon expire". If I don't renew this...
  2. PXW

    My account has been expired!

    Or so the nice people at "applie.com" would have me believe. Apparently if I don't confirm my billing details within 24 hours my account will be "Permenatly Closed"! To update all I have to do is click their secure link and "confirm my informations". Well...I'm convinced! I shall get onto it...
  3. G

    Frustration retrieving an expired UK Driving License

    How mad is this. Left UK to live in Turkey 16 years ago with a full UK License. It expired a few years back (3 or 4) and needed a new picture to renew so in essence being in Turkey just used the old as it's no big deal with their police ;) Now returned to UK with a temporary "one use"...
  4. C

    Expired road tax

    I went to DVLA Portsmouth two weeks ago to swap my personal number from my CLK to my SL. As the tax on the SL was due to expire at the end of March I paid for that to be renewed from April 1st in the new personal number. They checked all the paperwork and said it was correct. They kept both V5s...
  5. S

    Mobolife expired, START RESCUE OR AUTOAID?

    My mobilife has expired, I am now looking to join a car breakdown recovery company. I am doing a very small mileage and have never needed recovery in the last 15 years. I would rather have some sort of cover. Autoaid and Start Rescue seem to be the cheapest. I realise Autoaid operate a pay up...
  6. Timster

    TAX Expired. 7days grace??

    Hi. My wife just called me. I'm at work in the car. She informed me that our tax expired at the end of June. We haven't yet renewed it. DO I still have 7 days grace? Am I breaking the law if I drive the car home? Cheers!
  7. scotth_uk

    Expired Airbags?

    Hi All, I've noticed on my 92 190e that there is a sticker on the B pillar recommending that the driver's airbag should be replaced after 10 years, which of course was last year! Speaking with MB, they tell me that it is because at the time, they did not know how long airbags would last -...
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