1. richard300

    Exporting a 300SE (W126) to South Autralia - From the UK

    Hi, does anyone know if a UK specification 1986 300SE would be comploiant with the following requirements - for importing under the 'Pre -89' regulations: VEHICLES BUILT BETWEEN 1 January 1986 & 30 June 1988 • Seat belts for all seating positions complying with the intent of ADR 4D...
  2. K

    Exporting SLK to France

    Well it was all going smoothly. Headlights changed, tax form done, then came the Certificate of Conformity. Plenty of sites on the internet to obtain a CofC in less than a week. Paid my 148 Euros, the order was processed, received an email telling me that it will arrive in the next few days...
  3. kalvin928

    has anyone exporting car to india/ relocating

    father is from India.. near Chandigarh and has all his business there in real estate... the fact that my father is getting older and considering his options, he has discussed the option of me and family permanently moving there to carry on with his business.. I have been there a few times...
  4. B

    exporting a scooter to france

    My parents have a property in France and my wife and I often use it for holidays, normally we fly to spain and hire a car. The problem is during peak season the traffic is very bad and we found renting a scooter to be much easier but very expensive. So i'm thinking about getting a scooter...
  5. M

    Exporting ML500 to USA

    Anyone got any experience with exporting to USA. I have a 54plate ML500, decided rather than losing a heap of money selling it will be taking it with me to San Francisco when i move over there. I have contacted MB uk to try and get the relevant bits of doco but any experiences would be...
  6. D

    exporting then importing internet favourites

    Hi IT whizzes Can you help with this one, please? I use a computer at work, and over some time, have created quite a long list of favourite sites (ok, maybe I should be working harder!) I'd like to move all these links to my home PC. Is there an easy way to export all the info from my work PC...
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