1. R

    Merc W211 E220 cdi 2007 ext B Pillar trim

    Hi, Have rust bubble appearing on exterior B Pilllar trim in corner near glass and seal, how come as I thought they were plastic!. Any ideas to cure.:confused:
  2. D

    W124 ext temp sensor

    Hi all, I have a new sender unit but I am wondering how I locate where to plug it in, or is it best to use the old wire and solder it in? Thanks as always
  3. D

    E280 ext temp gauge

    When I switch ignition on display shows 38 degrees ( I live in Belfast ) for about 2-3 seconds and then goes blank- i am assuming it is prob sensor needs replaced from under fuse box connection- is this a fair assumption and where can I get me one of those please
  4. jonnyMercUK

    J55 EXT - Private plate for sale

    J55 EXT - Private plate for sale Suits initials JSS, JS SEXT, Extreme etc etc Number plate is currently on retention. I have the plates if the buyer would like them also. PM me offers please.
  5. Danny DeVito

    P38 Is it the same stuff as Ext Polyfilla?

    Anybody know ? I might try it on my side skirt to fill a hole, then should i use wall paint primer ? then spray pain t??:dk:
  6. jonnyboy

    passwording ext hard drive

    hi all I just installed a Belkin Network Hub, super bit of kit. Wanted everyone to be able to use the printer remotely which works a treat. I also have an ext h/drive which I backup my business files to, this is also connected to the hub as I want to pick it up from my destop/laptop/netbook...
  7. DarrenG

    W208 - Ext Temperature Display Incorrect

    Just noticed the outside temp display on my '99 W208 is reading 50 degrees. Now it's nice out but it isn't that nice! Can anyone tell me where the sender is located for this?
  8. D

    merc A160 Elegance ext mirror needed

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me where to buy new glass for drivers door wing-mirror cheap, must be heated?<img src="http://www.mbclub.co.uk/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/confused.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>? Cheers Dominic
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