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    hi all

    I just installed a Belkin Network Hub, super bit of kit. Wanted everyone to be able to use the printer remotely which works a treat.
    I also have an ext h/drive which I backup my business files to, this is also connected to the hub as I want to pick it up from my destop/laptop/netbook when i feel like it.
    My problem is that because its on the network it will be shown on the kids pc's and I cant allow them access to it as I know what will happen :( It seems that there isnt a way in the Belkin software to password protect hub devices so I need another solution. As I'm not pc savvy, is there a way that I can have some sort of user login on the h/drive, or alternatively password protect the folders?

    Hub is a Belkin Network USB Hub Version D
    H/d is an Iomega HDD

    Cheers all
  2. wemorgan

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Is it possible to:

    right click over the directory you use
    Select Properties
    Select Sharing

    then adjust access privileges

    just a guess, not a definitive answer.

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