1. GRAV888

    MB Rolling Road Day 2. 18th FEB 2006

    Follow on thread from Original Address is .. Unit 120, Quintec (MOD) Chobham lane Chertsey, Surrey. Kt16 OEE Names in usual format please. 1) Andy_cyp 2) blicky_1 3) DolphiN Tech
  2. GRAV888

    SE gtg Saturday 11th Feb 06

    Hi people. With all the interest in the other thread, here is the official info. Meeting at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel in Chatham kent at about 11am on the 11th Feb 06. If people are interested in staying over at the hotel, I will try and get us a discount. I have stayed there a few times...
  3. pammy

    very mini gtg - London Monday 14th feb

    ..and yes I do know what night that is - but work calls :( So we have Maff Tan Racall - poss C249kSport - poss any ideas where would be good - I'll be at the Radisson Kenilworth in Bloomsbury - Great Russell Street?
  4. R

    Mini South GTG Kent and SE London 6th or 7th Feb

    Well its been 2 months since the last Mini GTG in Kent and there has been a few car changes (mainly to AMG's). Maybe if your interested we could have it at the same location as the 4th Dec in Kent. Location: BridgeWood Manor Hotel, North Kent...
  5. pammy

    29th of Feb.................

    .....and you know what that means? It's they day we women can say: Will you marry me?:D
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