1. Audio Addict

    Brands Hatch 3rd Feb

    I was at Brands today in my black Megane and noticed a white C63 coupe and wondered if it was anyone here. I was hoping to bump into them to say hello but it didn't happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Palfrem

    W124 E36 AMG Saloon at auction 28 Feb

    1994 MERCEDES-BENZ W124 E36 AMG | eBay Guide: £18,000 - 22,000 No mention of mileage.
  3. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 15th Feb

    Ok - you will all have done your Valentine bit the day before, so here's the chance to get back to being a Petrol Head ....... Mercedes World at Brooklands. 11:00 start - meet in the car park - natter a bit, retire to the warmth for coffee and a bun, natter a bit more, depart when ready...
  4. I

    Lidl Special for MB Owners from 24th Feb

    Heads up, only £2.99:
  5. h17n dj

    MB World 23rd Feb 2014

    Good Evening all, Back when we all met up at MB World on 15th December, those that came and who remembers, I booked two driving experiences. One or two mentioned to let them know when I did them and if they were free then we could meet up again. Well, I have booked them for Sunday 23rd...
  6. Rashman

    PH Meet at Beaulieu - 24th Feb

    Beaulieu Meet 24th February 2013 - PistonHeads+ :thumb:
  7. J

    Car SOS - Feb 7th 8pm

    Hi Everyone, You may remember me posting in here last year looking for nominations for an upcoming car restoration programme. Well I am delighted to announce that Car SOS series 1 will begin broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 7th on the National Geographic channel. The basic premise is that...
  8. K

    PH Sunday Service @ Silverstone on 17 Feb 2013

    PH Sunday Service @ Silverstone on 17 Feb 2013 Whose coming..... Link below - anyone here going... Members Area - PistonHeads
  9. K

    Pistonheads Sunday Service 17 Feb 2013

    PH Sunday Service @ Silverstone on 17 Feb 2013 Whose coming..... Link below Members Area - PistonHeads
  10. E

    New branches in Feb and beyond!

    The flurry of new openings continues this month. Check out our up and coming branches all set to open shop in a town local to you! - Is your local ECP store one of the above anybody?? :)
  11. B

    Feb 1996 E320 Horn Problem

    Hi All, Just joined the group and would be grateful for any help with: The horn has just stopped working (On the way to an MOT!!) Can some one please advise the location and number of relevant fuses and the location of the horn relay. Has ant one else had this problem. Any help/advice will...
  12. Lugy

    Visit to M-Sport in Cumbria 26th Feb

    I've organised a day trip to visit M-Sport in Cockermouth, Cumbria, it's scheduled for next Friday (26th). We still need another couple of peoples to make it worth it, so I figured there may be some members on here that could be interested. For those that don't know M-Sport is the company who...
  13. E

    Pancake day Tues 16th Feb!!

    Just a reminder folks! I'm off to practice tossing!..;)
  14. GrahamC230K

    Latest Aldi PC Offer - MEDION® AKOYA® E4355 D - Thursday 4th Feb 2010

    What do you all think? Good value? ALDI - Thursday Special Buys 4th February 2010 MEDION® AKOYA® E4355 D (MD 8341) Powerful Intel® Core® i3-530 processor (2.93 GHz, 4 MB Intel® Smart cache, Intel® Hyper-Threading-Technology) Powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® G210 DirectX® 10 graphics card...
  15. BTB 500

    London (MB World) GTG 22 Feb 09

    Few pictures from today's GTG And Mrs BTB offset the emissions caused by me coming to the GTG in a 5 litre V8 :D
  16. robert.saunders

    BBC4 The Joy of Motoring Wed 18 Feb 09 21:00

    Tristram Hunt looks at how motoring has gone from allowing us to explore the English countryside to the present day of speed cameras, congestion charges and environmental issues. Could be interesting :rolleyes:
  17. wallingd

    Feb 29th

    I'd like to wish everyone a happy Feb 29 :D. Anyone proposing today: all the best for the future. My current job ends today but new PC to set up 2mro :D!
  18. Gollom

    Masterchef - episode Wednesday 20th Feb

    Anybody record this and could dump it to DVD for me? Damm series link on the TopUpTV thingie (DTI1600) did not work (got Bill Oddie instead :eek: ) Also missed last Thursdays 1 hour episode :mad:
  19. Gollom

    Frog And Bucket, Manchester - Monday 4th Feb. Free night out!

    I nominated the Frog & Bucket for a comedy award (it's kinda like a down-to-earth Comedy store with pints instead of Southerner Softy bottles...) Anyway, the media company have invited me and 2-3 friends to go there on the 4th Feb to watch whoever is on (I think it's Beat The Frog/Open Mike on...
  20. PJH

    Feb 3rd virus warning

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