1. OCD BAL

    Colin Ferns

    Has anyone used Colin Ferns Mercedes Specialist in Richmond? Recommend? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Howard

    Many thanks to Colin Ferns and co.

    Just a quick one to say thanks to Colin and his team who went out of their way to help me out today , after I had alternator problems. I'd never hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone anyway , but they really went the extra mile today to get me going again. Many thanks :)
  3. M

    Colin Ferns Ltd.

    I am the Workshop Manager for “Colin Ferns Ltd” and I would like to comment on the remarks made on this forum. Colin does not deserve this; I am new to these forums and only discovered them after customers brought them to my attention. Colin takes enormous pride in the work that is carried out...
  4. johnpidge

    Colin Ferns Richmond

    Has anyone tried this MB indy?? Raleigh Road TW9 2DU - They are very very close to where I work which would be very handy!
  5. Howard

    Shameless Plug....Colin Ferns - Richmond, Surrey

    Ok, our friend Colin has finally got his site up and running .... He is based in Richmond, Surrey, there is a map and contact details on the site ... Just a little to say really, Colin has serviced and worked on my fathers W123 280te, his W124 300te , his w208 CLK 430 and now my W124...
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