1. B

    Help please, steering wheel fitments?

    Hi All, I have a W219 CLS 320cdi and am looking to put on a steering wheel from the newer generation Mercedes...maybe a 2012 C or E Class AMG wheel (I believe they are the same)... Has anyone done this conversion and was there any problems with fitment, maybe splines no lining up etc, or...
  2. sinewave

    Brembo Calipers Fitments?

    Anyone know if the 8 pot Brembo calipers fitted to E55K's were fitted to other marques such as Porker 911's etc? I'm after a full seal kit and dust covers but MB don't do seals kits and I'm avin no joy elsewhere at the mo! You have a leak and you buy a new caliper is MB's view! :eek: Have...
  3. M

    722 fitments help

    I am looking at converting my 300ce to diesel and I am looking at using a c250 turbo diesel. My question is will the 722 from my 300 fit onto the 250 engine as I have looked at the ratios and they seem to be the same. If anyone can help I would really appreciate the help.....
  4. jacko111

    C32 AMG wheel fitments?

    Hello will 19" alloys fit straight on to my Mercedes c32 which has been lowered 40mm with no problems/rubbing etc?? The alloys are 8.5 front and 9.5 rear! Thanks.......
  5. babyblueCE

    W124 and C124 Wheel fitments

    Hello all, its been a while coming on the forum partly because my CE has been driving wonderfully even in the cold so no need to post questions. However, i am due to treat my baby to a set of AMG rims and was wondering if the wheel fitment on a W124 is the same on a C124, I'm asking because i...
  6. J

    W209 wheels fitments - HELP!

    Hi all! I have a W209 CLK220 CDI and I am looking to upgrade to some new wheels as my current ones have began to pit. I have chosen a wheel of particular interest, the only problem is the fitment, which I am unsure of. The wheels in question are 8.5J x 18" I know that the rear wheels...
  7. C

    This Is Very Clear For Alloy Fitments.

  8. C

    Non-Standard wheel fitments - pictures wanted

    Dear all! If you have fitted any oem Mercedes or AMG wheels to models they're not standard fitment for... I would very much appreciate some photos. Especially Mismar/Yad/AMG on V Class/Vito/Viano, Rucha on C/CLK/SLK. Does anyone have 17" Mirzam on a CLK or 17" Rucha/Yilduz on W211 E500? pics...
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