1. T

    Mobile Tyre Fitter in Kent

    Anybody in the Kent area looking for a good mobile tyre fitter check this guy out. Easy Tyre 123 - Mobile Tyre Fitters in Dartford and Maidstone He does a 1st class job and he's a thoroughly nice guy.Oh and he can refurbish rims too. Tom
  2. C

    Fitter refused to fit C63 winter tyres??

    Went to get some 225 40 18 winter continentals fitted to front standard 18'' rims at local tyre merchants Tyres are extra load 225 40 18 conti winter contact 92v TL XL TS830p He said that they don't make them in this size with a higher load rating I said I know for sure that the size is...
  3. just240

    C55 - changed to 255 width rears.... Tyre fitter query

    Hi everyone, I require a bit of info from any AMG drivers who have 255 section rear tres. Firstly, I'll explain my situation - my c55 needed new rear tyres - I put the car into a national chain tyre fitters & asked them to replace my standard 245/35/18 PIRELLI P-Zero ROSSO tyres with 255/35/18...
  4. Palfrem

    Radio fitter in B'ham

    Does anyone know of a good radio installer in South Birmingham area please? Many thanks
  5. N

    Recommendations for custom exhaust fitter plz!

    I would like a cat back system for my C320. I live near Peterborough and have been quoted £510 for a single exit Longlife exhaust at Topgear, Pboro. I can't find any reviews of their work and don't know anyone who has had one fitted there. I looked at MIJ and CKS but the net seems full of...
  6. design guru

    Exhaust Fitter Required

    I have a W126 300se 1991. Recently my exhaust began making a lot of noise and on inspection by a local garage I was told the muffler was on its way out and would need replacing. They gave me a quote, but I have managed to get the part from the net, but now I have a problem in finding a fitter...
  7. Chrishazle

    Recommended ICE Fitter Near Ashford, Kent

    I've just aquired a MC3010 CD Changer for my 2001 S203 C270 fitted with Audio 10 Radio/Casette. Have not checked yet to see if there's any pre-wiring in/behind the glove box, but suspect that I will need to buy A2035403408 fibre optic and A2035400809 D2B cable - and presumably a power supply...
  8. oorjim2

    New tyre fitter She can fit my wheels any time. Jim.
  9. reflexboy

    Recommended-Mobile Tyre Fitter

    Just for your info peeps-I used these guys this morning for a couple of replacement tyres- . If you need new car tyres, try these guys first. They seemed to be cheaper than most places and they will come out to your home or work at no extra charge. Get a...
  10. R

    Petef - Tyre Fitter in Ellesmere Port

    Pete, Did you remember / find this guys contact details - I really need to get all my tyres changes soon and I really don't want to go to one of the big name fast fit places. Thanks. Or if anybody else knows a good tyre place in Chester/Crewe/Warrington area (ie one that wont mark my...
  11. jahewitt

    Wanted --> Car Kit Fitter in Scotland

    Can anyone reccommend a car kit fitter in scotland - preferably the Edinburgh area. Mobile fitting if possible I want to fit a kit to the wife's beetle for Christmas - but don't just want any cowboy !!
  12. design guru

    Reliable TV Tuner Fitter

    Does anybody know of a reliable dealer I can use to get my TV tuner fitted in my CLK without having to worry about them guessing how to fit it. I live near Portsmouth in Hampshire and would prefere to deal with somebody who has done this kind of work on a CLK by fitting it correctly and not...
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