1. Tim203

    Any members flying?

    F your visiting Aero messe in Friedrichshafen come and see us in Hall b2- 102 and I will make you a cuppa and offer you a seat.
  2. kianok

    Flying lesson

    I'm not the greatest fan of flying, I consider it as a means to a hopefully good holiday. In fact i'm quite proud of the fact that I have now reached such a proficient passenger level that I can even eat a meal during such a bizarre and unnatural experience….. Anyway, for some reason...
  3. Pitts Pilot

    Flying corrugated iron

    It was windy last night…. My precious SL nearly got reshaped by a flying sheet of corrugated iron at 1.00 am this morning. I heard a loud big and rushed outside to find a sheet of iron in the neighbour’s garden, the width of the pavement from my car!! Two doors up they are doing a loft...
  4. E270 Owner

    Budapest Flying Bulls

    I think heath n safety would cr*p themselves in London :)
  5. I

    Flying to New York

    Currently looking into booking 2 return flights from London to New York. Most airlines seem to be between £880 & £920ish for our chosen dates & times. BA is coming in at just over £1000. Are there any significant pro's or con's which should lead us to choose one over another? It looked like...
  6. markjay

    Anyone flying long haul with BA?
  7. developer

    The Flying Van Man

    Made me smile :D. zHcrT8EvDqc
  8. acej

    Flying cars :-)

    Renaud Marrion photo's spotted on facebook.
  9. jukie

    Flying to Washington DC

    Anyone recommend a decent carrier? Is there much between BA and Virgin? How about any of the US airlines? Any recommendations for hotels in DC for a couple of nights? And what web sites for best deals on flights and accommodation? I need to keep the flight and hotel bookings separate. TIA...
  10. Conquistador

    Bentley Flying Spur sitting on bricks

    Ouch :( :( Flying Spur up on bricks in Chelsea. p!ss poor alarm system if the car didn't even notice it was having its wheels nicked. Looks like somebody has a Bentley locking wheel nut key. They will probably be on an A4 or Golf by now!
  11. trapperjohn

    Flying High

    You know some guys are soooo lucky when the find their SWMBO, or at least a girl who is nutz enough to say yes. I have always loved the movie Top Gun (Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan had nothing to do with that fact, much) and for our Wedding Anniversary my SWMBO got me a session at Top Gun -...
  12. brucemillar

    Vulcan Flying in Kent

    Folks Manston Air Show in Kent 23rd June 2013 The Vulcan is scheduled to fly on the day. Also expected is the Battle of Britain flight. Does anybody out there know any of the timings fort the day (what flys at what time?) Also what is the likely flight path of the Vulcan so that those who...
  13. G

    Just bought C Class Sports Coupe - Sunroof broken/parts flying off car?

    Just bought a great 02 Merc C Class Sports Coupe with a great spec and the panoramic sunroof. Once I returned home I opened the sunroof using the switch. Everything was fine. Whilst it was closing, it stopped just past halfway and sort of jammed. I pressed the close button again and I heard a...
  14. The _Don

    You Know You Want To: Bentley Flying Spur

    PistonHeads Headlines - You Know You Want To: Bentley Flying Spur Good value.
  15. Stig2082

    CLS passed family holiday test with flying colours (2,300 miles in 2 weeks)

    The test of the practicality of the CLS as a family car was always going to be put to the test in our annual summer hols trip into Europe. With roofbox on (necessary evil) we cruised across to France, then Italy and back. It racked up 2,300 miles in 2 weeks and it didn't miss a beat. It happily...
  16. M

    Flying low

    This morning, for what must be the fifth time in the past week or so, I found that I had left the house without doing up my trouser fly. Thankfully on each occasion I was sporting perfectly adequate underwear that was more than capable of restraining the beast within, although I fear this may...
  17. swannymere

    Something for the flying buffs.

    Some in-cockpit footage from the Jubilee Hawk flypast Queen's Diamond Jubilee EIIR Flypast and practices on Vimeo
  18. tintinmt

    Jubilee Flypast 5th June aircraft flying with the Dakota?

    Anyone know the type and significance of the two twin engined prop aircraft flying with the Dakota today?
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Passed MOT with flying colours :)

    152,000 Miles on the clock passed with flying colours :bannana::bannana::bannana: I have been thinking about changing my car recently due to running out of mod ideas, but after days like today I think I will keep my trusty W202 until I can afford a G-Wagon which was made before 1901. My...
  20. Godot

    Radio Controlled Plane Flying In Iceland

    zTEHQRFc_bI Not a great deal else to do, I suppose. Unless anyone knows better ?
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