1. AndyKO

    Any 'Law' Folk On Here?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of help/suggestions on what to do with regard to my E Class purchase. I've brought a Merc from a so called 'Private Seller' and it's developed gearbox and torque convertor problems on the same day I brought it and only 100 miles after purchase. It's been...
  2. brucemillar

    Gout - Not just for comedic red nosed fat folk

    Woke up last night from a great sleep. Agony in my right foot and I do mean agony. it felt like somebody had set fire to my big toe while crushing it in a vice. I would describe this a screaming toothache for the foot. No sleep to be had. Even having a light bed sheet touch my foot hurt...
  3. Richard W

    Any of you folk bikers? A chance to ride a prototype!!!!

    Looking for bikers (the motorised kind :) ) in the Farnborough area who would be interested in attending a customer 'clinic'. This is where a manufacturer shows prototypes and in this case a lucky few will get to ride them.:bannana: You must be a bike owner and your bike should be younger...
  4. travelininstyle

    The Best and Worst in Folk - Winter !

    :) We have seen how the recent bad weather has brought out the community spirit in folks - looking in on neighbors and those who can get about in 4x4's offering lifts - but the local paper for Burnley,East Lancs. - has reported incidents where one rural village had its salt bins raided :devil...
  5. B

    Now this is why folk buy solid!
  6. television

    Nowt like folk

    I dropped off a 2 year old golf, belonging to a good friend to my coach builders yesterday for some rear door damage, we soon saw that this door had been painted 6 times, there was so much paint we had a problem getting the handle back on. When I took it back and told him my friend said "...
  7. pluggers

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk

    Fanatic speed cop targets old folk; Small caption from friday's Sun paper. "Brunstrom brainstorms Reflex tests will ban 'em CAR-hating top cop Richard Brunstrom has a new target -elderly drivers. The Chief Constable of North Wales plans to stop old people." What about this eh?The...
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