1. KillerHERTZ

    Post pictures of the forums running on your phone

    Following on from THIS thread, show us pictures of how the forums look on your various phones/browsers. MBCLUB running on a Nokia E71 with Opera Mini Beta: Full page view, the smaller rectangle on the top left is the size of the zoomed view... (Macro on the camera has made it look nasty)...
  2. jonnyboy

    a thank-you, and why "successful" forums work

    My old man always used to say "quid pro quo" , well, not really, actually used to say always pay back favours (a simple fella at heart he is). A personal thank you to a member who went above and beyond for me last week:- I pm'd EDZ649 aka Leigh from Scott James Windows following some...
  3. G

    Honda forums

    Anyone know of any decent Honda car forums (like this MB one :thumb: ) Googling doesn't come up with much in the way of decent, well contributed forums
  4. Meldrew2

    Corsa Club Forums

    There seems to be a fault with my computer. I clicked onto MBClub, but I seem to have got the wrong website. Pizza Hut ? :confused: :confused: :confused: Trousers from JJB Sports ? :confused: :confused: :confused: I could have sworn that MB stands for Mercedes Benz ..... and...
  5. B

    New to these Forums

    Hello I need some good advice from all you more timely users. I joined up because i have a passion for mercs since i was about 11, i done my apprenticeship with mercs and 14 years later i had enough. People need some where else to go other than merc. I am based in chelsea and work mobile...
  6. Gollom

    And the forums's verdict is..... (sensors)

    These look the biz? Or does someone know better? I'm assuming that the silver will be a good match and theye are pretty simple to install. Also, it glibly says "near one of your car rear light box - to get the 12v power supply" That simple on a MB? (W211) Ta! Or is this one better?
  7. Alfie

    Clubs / Forums in Ireland.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of any Mercedes car clubs or forums in Eire (Ireland)? Thanks,
  8. oldcro


    Just like to say how much I enjoy reading the club forums. Lots of interesting and informative answers to members questions. Indeed, some of the answers actually bear some relevance to the original question. The rest are nothing to do with the original topic, but always bring a smile to my face...
  9. television

    BMW forums

    What is the best BMW forum please in the UK, my brothers wife wants a Z4 Thanks
  10. S

    new to the forums

    hey im shilzo im new to the MB way of ownership ive just picked up a 1995 C200 Auto (4speed) im looking for a remus stockist and some amg wheels (replica or real). pics to follow
  11. Bobby Dazzler forums have changed - and not so sure it's for the better ...yet

    Anyone ever stop by the forum on I do when I have chance but not a regular visitor by any means, although I don't miss a copy of the magazine. It seems they've binned the old forum which was very flat (in design, not content) in favour of a new one which seems to have lots...
  12. Thmsshaun

    Car Forums

    Bentley Forums - - - I used the ashtray today. How do I replace it? BMW 3 Series forums - - -Winston, why do I keep getting pulled over, it ain't stolen yo. VW Bug forum - - - The Save the Earth concert was a success (pics) Yugo Forum - - - When's the last time yours ran...
  13. SportsCoupeRich

    porsche boxster forums...

    my friend is looking to buy a used boxster. Are there any forums around? ta. :)
  14. Koolvin

    Forums updated...

    The discovery of a potentially serious security hole has necessitated the upgrade of vBulletin to version 3.0.7. Cheers. :bannana:
  15. Koolvin

    Forums Upgraded to 3.0.6

    just FYI - some security features enabled and others fixed. Cheers.
  16. Koolvin

    Forums Upgraded

    Forums upgraded from 3.01 to 3.03
  17. Koolvin

    Forums upgraded.

    There was a upgrade to our forums software this afternoon! 3.01 baby! just FYI.
  18. B

    hello all - new bod (both to mercs and forums)

    Hello everyone - what a top forum. So much useful info. Am looking at buying an n-reg (w124 - i think) 200 estate. Thankfully, it's blue and not silver - this seems to be very important. Is there anything else i should be looking out for - or any better options? I understand that the 200s...
  19. Koolvin

    Forums upgraded to VB3 RC2

    forums now upgraded to VB3 RC2. Will look into why it is so slow since the last few days!
  20. Kinky

    What's happened to the Forums?

    Somethings wrong with the forums ... MB Club Forums
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