1. grober

    Anil's new FRV

    Was just admiring your new car in the gallery. A Japanese car built in Japan if I am not mistaken. Always a good thing. :thumb: Appears they ceased production in 2009. Its no longer listed among the new models on the HONDA UK website.
  2. G

    Any FR-V owners?

    Thinking of getting a 2.0 FR-V - what are they like for real world fuel economy? Also, have you had any issues with yours? anything to look out for when viewing? Cheers
  3. G

    Honda FR-V or Toyota Corolla Verso?

    Anyone have any experience of these cars? need a good reliable MPV for an increase in family numbers!
  4. Goldfish11

    New Honda FRV

    Not sure where this thread should be General, Off topic or bodywork I apologise if I have got it wrong. Wifey has just got a new toy. We needed the capability to carry two Grandparents and a family of four. We checked out all the small MPV 7 seaters like the new Grande Scenic, Zafira, VW...
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