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    W168 Wheel arch gaps

    Hello on here and to the world of owning a w168 a class, but Im no stranger to cars and know my way around ;) The question I have is, the 1999 A140 Elegance I now own has the standard Elegance 15" alloys fitted with the recommended 195x50x15 tyres,, but the arch gaps seem to big to...
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    spark plug gaps

    do we still need to adjust spark plug gaps in this day and age? I only ask because I installed new plugs last week and only just wondered if they need adjusting, they are the champion ones. the ones i took off had very small pin like electrodes compared to the champion ones which are more like...
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    Panel Gaps - clk 208 boot

    Notice my gaps have gone out of kilter. Is it easy to have them adjusted? Ta.
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    230e Spark Plug Gaps and more.

    like to fit new spark plugs inexperenced DIYer have plugs & spanner. No haynes or prior knowledge .230TE. Also occasional loud knock from front end car handles fine and oil on inside lid of air filter almost forgot the list goes on a tick tick sound from engine comes in then goes again with...
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