1. BillyW124

    Diff oil questions on the 124

    Hello Chaps, Service is due soon and am wondering if its worth having the diff oil changed? i figure this is a 'once in a blue moon' change for which probably hasnt never been done? Obviously first i will have to check the level and fill accordingly if low. Questions: Is there a...
  2. C

    engine grade Oil for clk55 amg

    Hi all, can any one please tell me, which is the correct oil i should be using in my w208 clk55 amg? in my service book it says it has had mobil 5w 30 put in, was this the right oil? And if so can i use Mobil 1 esp fully sinth oil? The oil is MB proved 229.51/229.31. any advice...
  3. N

    C32 gearbox oil grade?

    Can any one confirm the grade and spec of the gearbox oil in a 2002 c32 I need to change it , I have the filter and gasket just need to purchase oil , don't really wAnt to go genuine also how much do they hold?
  4. Londonscottish

    W211 E500 Oil Change - grade and amount?

    Hi there - I'm about to have a C service on my W211 E500. I can buy the oil on my petrol card. But I don't have the service book with me. Has anyone got the the details on (a) how much I need to buy (8 litres?) (b) what grade it should be? (all I recall is that it's synthetic)...
  5. F

    C280 V6 - Which grade of petrol ?

    I hope soon to be taking delivery of my 2008 C280 V6 and was wondering whether there is any need / advantage to using premium unleaded rather than just basic unleaded petrol ? I ran my BMW 523i for 11 years on the basic stuff with no apparent harm and would like to carry on that way, if...
  6. R

    engine oil grade

    its time to service my c43 but iam not sure what oil to use i know merc amg use 0w40 mobile 1 but i read in mercedes enthusiast mag that birds a garage in uxbridge say 15w50 mobile 1 is better for the engine any way whats best?
  7. W

    W210 E280 1999 - what oil grade?

    I'll need to do an oil and filter change in the next couple of weeks (my first on this car) and wondered what grade others use in theirs? Mine is a W210 E280 v6 with about 95k on the clock. I've had the car for about the last 6k miles and it uses little or no oil. But I have noticed...
  8. S

    Diff oil.Is this grade correct?

    Asked my local mb dealer in sheffield what is the correct oil for my diff & he said they use75w/90 sythetic based oil.He couldnt sell me any as he said "we only have a large barrel in the workshop"! My car is a 2001 270 it ok to use this grade of oil?
  9. GrahamC230K

    What grade of Unleaded fuel do you use?

    I thought there had been a post on this before, but I could not find it. All this talk of running diesels on Vegetable oil, and a few friends whose performance cars are designed to run on Super Unleaded, have prompted this. As I understand it: Regular Unleaded = 95 RON Super Unleaded   = 97...
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