1. clk320x

    Engine oil grade

    Can anyone confirm the engine oil grade/MB spec (e.g. 229.51) that I need for my Mercedes CLK320 2003 W209 Petrol Need to order oil / filter for an A service Filter on inchscape for £7.99 (offer for any filter) + postage works out around 15£ Thanks in advance Abs
  2. D

    Super grade petrol for C43?

    Is it really necessary to use super grade petrol in AMG cars?
  3. brucemillar

    Weapons Grade Garden Strimmer Line

    Folks Due to ill health my "garden" (it is 1 acre) has become very overgrown with grass, nettles & brambles. Over the last two weekends I have managed to cut the grass down to a nice looking level again (phew) Yesterday I bought a nice new straight pole petrol strimmer/brush cutter. What...
  4. Palfrem

    Weapons grade double sided tape?

    Does anyone have any ideas on what is the best make ( and where to buy) of double sided tape to use to stick trim bits and rubbers back on with please? What do they use in the factory I wonder - something by 3M? Many thanks
  5. W124ali

    Oil grade for 2001 S210 320 CDI ?

    Hello Just wanted to ask what oil grade to use for my 2001 E320 CDI? Semi or fully synthetic? And does the brand matter? Thanks
  6. A

    clk w209 correct oil grade

    Hi What is the correct oil grade, my service book states mobile 1 5w30 done by mercedes, i've contacted opie oils who have advised 5w30 or 0w30 is suitable but will consume oil as they are thinner and therefore they recommend 0w-40 or 5w-40 :confused: Is there a definitive answer to this...
  7. A

    Brake up grade

    Hi guys I have a 12 plate c220 sport. Is there a bigger brake upgrade from another merc that I can bolt straight on ... Cheers Scott
  8. BIG_G_1979

    engine oil,grade and quantity?

    Hi my dad has a 2011 w212 e250 cdi (2.2 bi-turbo) I think it's om651? Can someone tell me how much oil he needs for an oil change and what grade to use, he was thinking about castrol magatec titanium it's 0w30 thanks in advance
  9. Z

    S320 Leather Grade

    Hi I have a 2007 s320,it has Grey leather,but it is not like the smooth leather I have seen in other 320's it has sort of pimples,I have been told it might be Passion Leather is this a good grade,also I have another problem with the interior the flap that covers the phone system has been snapped...
  10. paulbenz500

    What grade Mobil 1 for cl500

    hi guys I've been looking online and been given this info for the oil for my 2000 year merc. I'm just double checking before I buy some & a filter,Thanks in advance :)
  11. freespirit

    Vito steering wheel up grade

    Could do with so advice please ? Any idea what other model Mercedes steering wheel will fit a 639 vito with control buttons . Mine is looking a bit tatty .
  12. DSM10000

    Landscaping fabric, which grade?

    A job still outstanding is to place landscaping fabric between and around two large raised vegetable beds, the plan is to then cover the fabric with bark chippings. Any recommendations as to the grade required and any hints and tips would be welcome. In addition if anyone can suggest a good...
  13. marc.l

    Brabus 12 piston brake up grade all complete

    Finally got the brakes finished to my satisfaction ! Fitted them last year and was never really happy with them , they worked ok but did not inspire confidence . Yesterday the pads I had made up by Carbotech Europe arrived , in xp08 friction material and the difference between them and the...
  14. nick mercedes

    donny fails to make the grade

    The 8 worst UK cities and towns to live in |
  15. johncook109

    Up Grade on Lights

    I bought myself some brighter front side and rear number plate lights to smarten my S Class 320 CDI 2007. I need some instruction on fitting these. Do I have to remove the front trim to access the parking bulb units or is there a simpler way and the same applies to the rear number plate removing...
  16. G

    Oil grade

    Just wondering what weight of oil do M271 owners prefer for their engines? I usually put Mobil 1 0W40 in the Kompressor engine but will try out Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 for the next oil change... Would a 40 weight oil be better for a supercharged engine generally?
  17. 4

    SL320 Differential oil grade.

    I need to replace the differential oil in my SL320 (1997 model) does anyone know which oil i should use and the grade.
  18. R

    w202 c250td brake up grade

    is it possible to fit c43 calipers straight on to the td with no other mods? whats the size of the c43 discs whats the smallest wheels the fit under is there and other bolt up upgrades from other mbs that will fit ? std brakes on mine are fine for normal driving ect but with some b road...
  19. S

    Which grade of fuel should be used in AMG's?

    Hi, just wondered which fuel fellow AMG owners put in their vehicle, whether its standard unleaded or super unleaded? Nobody from MB told me anything when i picked up my car, so have been putting in ordinary unleaded. That was until i just read in the book that super unleaded should be used...
  20. Ant-toe-knee

    Oil grade query

    The last two service stamps noted 0w 40 oil and according to opie and halfords it's 5w 40 on my 57 E220 CDI . Should I be confused? Also had do I find out if it has DPF? Thank you and Merry Xmas
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