1. S

    ML63 AMG - when your 4X4 needs a little more grunt

    Some of you will have seen this ML63 on our facebook site, we had already lowered it and remapped it a few weeks ago but it was time to turn up the gas. Here it is trying to create a sleeper pose...
  2. L

    A bit more grunt

    Took my wee beastie down to DMS today in Southampton. Sure many of you already know Rob. I'm a believer in the old adage that you can never have enough power. Is that wrong? :rolleyes: :D Therefore Rob managed to coax the following from the S65. From 616 HP/685 ft/lbs torque best run on the...
  3. grober

    Phobos-Grunt fails to grunt.

    The jinx that has plagued Russia's Missions to Mars seems to have struck again with the failure of the cruise stage rocket motor of rather quaintly named Phobos-Grunt to fire. It is also carrying the Chinese satellite the ying tong yiddle I po [ Sorry- Yinghuo-1] you couldn't make it up could...
  4. ROBB

    W202:no grunt

    Hi All, A friend of mine has a 2000 C220 CDI Auto (WDB2021332F) which is suffering from poor acceleration, although it revs to 5k there is little boost pressure and kicks down early going uphill ..... Possible MAS?? Is the MAF from a WDB2032062F the same part no. as the MAS on a WDB2021332F...
  5. Silvertank

    AMG offers more track focus - Grunt and chassis upgrades for CLS, SL, SLK

    Interesting read:
  6. L

    E430 Grunt

    Can anyone who has driven or been in an E430 comment on their performance, did they feel real quick? I was passenger n a X Type 3 litre saloon with auto box test drive and with foot down it didn't feel great, with quoted 0-60mph time of 7.1 seconds I though tit would feel pretty quick but as...
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