1. AnimMerc

    New Merc Tesla rival and GT4?

    I have read a couple of articles with regard to Mercedes producing an all electric Tesla rival car and a GT4 (4 door AMG GT/CLS). Is this true. I have posted in here as I think it is news. Mercedes Developing Tesla Fighter with Over 300-Mile Range Mercedes-Benz: We Will Challenge Tesla Motors...
  2. S

    Tourist Trophy (PS2) - GT4 with bikes?

    Anyone seen this latest offering from Polyphony Digital - (Stats007???) Due out at the end of the month... Looks like it could be a blast (until GT5 comes out with a mixture of cars and bikes in full hi-def glory).
  3. scotth_uk

    My PSP is going (sick of waiting for GT4)

    Hi All, My beloved PSP is up for grabs, as I can't be bothered to wait for GT4 any longer. Decided to recoup some cash and spend it on a camera instead.
  4. D

    GT4 and SL55

    Hi, I understand that you can get an SL55 for Gran Turismo, but when I loaded mine I only have an SL500 - how do I get the SL55? I am a beginner at GT4 as you can tell! thanks DB1
  5. D

    GT4 and Nurburgring

    Hi, I have recently got Gran Turismo 4 for the Playstation. As I am sure most folk on this board know it has the Nring as one of the tracks. I am trying to learn the track ahead of a possible visit next year and was wondering how accurate the cars are in their handling and overall...
  6. S


    After several years of patiently waiting, the official UK release date, March 9th, is nigh. Here's a narna for Polyphony Digital/Sony for finally getting their act together... :bannana:
  7. scotth_uk

    Get downloading - Nurburgring vid from GT4! This is astonishing. Can't remember if I posted it already, as the wine has REALLY gone to my head. 400+mb but worth every moment. Pity the guys driving the BMW 1 series. Exciting as a cold sore. :bannana:
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