1. D

    Happy birthday Lewyboy (wherever you are)

    He borrowed £50 from me and I never saw him again? Hope you have a happy birthday wherever you are!
  2. D

    Happy Birthday DrFeelgood

    Happy birthday to the forums very own Rhod Gilbert. ;)
  3. Bobby Dazzler

    Happy Birthday DrFeelgood

    Happy Birthday DrFeelgood ;) My first ever Happy Birthday thread, and especially for you. That's Doctor make you Feelgood, I mean that's got to make you feel good :D
  4. D

    Happy Birthday to me

    12 years of membership and despite a few PM best wishes, not one public 'Happy Birthday'. Well, UP YOURS! :bannana::bannana::bannana::thumb::thumb:
  5. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday BTB 500

    Many happy returns Bill, hope you have a great day :thumb:
  6. Downlands

    Not happy w203

    Just had a bad episode it's my c220 cdi 2004 w203 rev counter flew round and bounced at the top end unable to control the cars speed then a banging noise from the engine with blue smoke from exhaust. Garage have checked looks like a blown turbo which caused engine to race and damage con rods on...
  7. D

    Happy birthday Right Said Fred

    Better late than never but hope you've had a good day Ted!
  8. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday 100%Bitch

    Many happy returns Helen, hope you have a great day!
  9. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday BIG UN

    Many happy returns! Have great day :thumb:
  10. D

    Happy Yorkshire Day!

    Happy Yorkshire Day everyone! For those who haven't heard of it, just imagine Christmas Day but with zero generosity...
  11. ringway

    Happy Birthday S500Colin.

    Happy Birthday, Colin. It was nice to see you again at PCS earlier in the year. :thumb:
  12. tron

    Not very happy with ECP.

    Ordered Lemforder ball joints from the web site. Supplied with TRW. I don't know who they are but they are not Lemforder. Asked for the correct parts. Was assured that they would be there next morning. The correct parts were not sent and I was told that they would not be sent. I am annoyed...
  13. ringway

    Happy Birthday Ian B Walker.

    Happy Birthday, Ian. :thumb::thumb:
  14. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Koolvin

    Many happy returns, hope you have a great day:thumb:
  15. E

    Happy Birthday Terry Gates

    Believe it or not, Terry is 40 years old today. Happy birthday, Terry, and don't believe the people who says it's all downhill from here on; it's not all downhill - just mostly...
  16. markmifsud

    Happy Birthday MrPoseidon

    hope you have a great day
  17. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday racall

    Many happy returns Phil, have a great day..:thumb:
  18. ringway

    Happy Birthday Developer.

    Happy Birthday, John. :thumb:
  19. ringway

    Happy Birthday C43AMG.

    Happy 70th Birthday, Peter. :thumb:
  20. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday glojo

    Long time no see John. Really hope you can enjoy your birthday and many more
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