1. MancMike

    C63 on 4 Space Savers - Chris Harris

    Stumbled upon this, it's from 2012, so may have been posted before. Don't shoot me if it has. They put it on 4 space savers. :D HPh90yNX-mY
  2. The _Don

    Chris Harris on Cars - LaFerrari v Porsche 918 v McLaren P1 at Portimao.

  3. The _Don

    Chris Harris on Cars - Frankfurt 2015 show report - A45 AMG drive.

  4. The _Don

    Ferrari 488 GTB on road and track - Chris Harris on Cars

  5. The _Don

    Porsche 991 GT3 RS on road and track - Chris Harris on Cars

  6. The _Don

    The Perfectly Musical Ferrari 212 - Chris Harris on Cars

  7. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: Living with the P1

    http://youtu.be/9VQ3ROolkyU 9VQ3ROolkyU Possibly his best video yet, I remember reading the post on PH about a guy who drove past him filming and was allowed a drive along in the P1
  8. karozza

    Chris Harris & new C63 AMG

    WOW! Still don't like the tablet thingy but a really a special car especially as it keeps the V8. New M3 looks inferior in comparison
  9. Palmball

    AMG C63 - Chris Harris Review

    Enjoy :thumb: n4XUTu2lzTo
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: Car of the year 2014

    vm4ajQxImhE CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - Car of the Year 2014: http://youtu.be/vm4ajQxImhE
  11. The _Don

    CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - Ferrari FF, long-term test.

  12. A m g A d a m

    Chris Harris AMG GT-s Review

    I quite like the car reviews from Chris Harris, here's his latest one on the new AMG GT-S. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CRubofSy7jE See what you think, Adam. :)
  13. The _Don

    Chris harris on cars - Mercedes Amg Gt S

    Awesome video ! http://youtu.be/CRubofSy7jE
  14. The _Don

    CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - 458 Speciale v 991 GT3

  15. grober

    Bob Harris: My Nashville

    Bob Harris: My Nashville - yes Whispering Bob dares to reveal to folks everything You Always Wanted to Know About Country Music in Nashville But Were Afraid to Ask. Highly recommended.:thumb: Michty me he interviews Duane Eddy in the RCA VICTOR Studios--I thought he'd been dead for years...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on the AMG-GT

    https://grrc.goodwood.com/road/drives-and-rides/chris-harris-mercedes-amg-gt (He rather likes it) :D
  17. The _Don

    MERCEDES-AMG GT: PREVIEW chris harris

  18. markmifsud

    Rolf Harris

    Has just been found guilty on 12 counts of assault. BBC News - Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assaults
  19. The _Don


  20. developer

    Rolf Harris

    Ha - this made me smile:
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