1. jimmymidnight

    aftermarket headunits in W210

    My 2001 W210 has the factory 6 disc changer in it at the moment, but im toying with idea of putting a multimedia headunit in, like the alpine or pioneer one. is it an easy install and how will it effect the steering wheel controls? thanks
  2. Howard

    Anyone got any specs or piccys of classic Alpine headunits ?

    As it says above, specifically a 7901 and 7906 ..... Looking to put a classic Alpine head unit of the correct era into the whale maybe ... Have seen the above for sale , but just wondered specs, i know they won't play MP3's as they are first gen players , but they look soooooooo cool.....
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Best place online for headunits?

    Im after a new headunit for my Parents 97 w210 E-Class. around £100ish as they only have the OEM tape player at the moment. Any recommendations? - Best place to buy?
  4. T


    How do you lot fit your headunits in the mercedes dash? I relised it is all customised so how would i get my normal JVC headunit fitted into it? As it cost me 600 pounds and i dont want to lose it when i get my merc but also dont want the dash to lose that elegant look
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Headunits compatable with a CLK

    Ive heard Apine make headunits which are compatable with the CLKs dashboard, do other makes make them? Can you recommend a good site which shows the models?
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