1. Stratman

    Heathrow meet and greet cars given parking tickets

    Valet parking cars left in council car park Well well well...
  2. N

    Heathrow Terminal 5 parking

    I need to go to Berlin for a few days and will be flying out of Heathrow terminal 5. Could I have some suggestions for parking please? Thanks.
  3. J

    Heathrow Parking T5

    Can anybody recommend a good undercover, safe, secure, reliable place to park at Heathrow, thinking of taking the pride n joy? Must be undercover!, safe, secure so i wont fret while away!! Or should I take the wifes car? Cheers lads n lasses.
  4. Meldrew2

    Heathrow - second attempt.

    As my first thread has turned into a discussion about Climate Change, I'll try again. How confident do you feel about Airport Security protecting us from terrorists when we have seen a few unarmed protestors have made it onto the runway at Heathrow?
  5. Meldrew2


    Heathrow flights diverted after climate change protesters stage a lie-in demo | Daily Mail Online Shows just how lax security there is - fortunately just protesters, not terrorists this time...
  6. Druk

    Heathrow terminal transfer.

    Edit... sorry. Travel agent printed wrong terminal number on booking form!
  7. C180CGI

    Mercedes Benz Heathrow

    Had my first service done on my car today at 14k miles by Mercedes Heathrow. In my opinion this is one of the best car dealerships I have ever been to, after being with other brands. Very helpful and polite people with excellent customer services by the service manager Paul. Quick and...
  8. Jukie

    Newcastle to Houston via Heathrow - duty free query

    I've never travelled using a shuttle flight before, hence the question. Leaving aside the amount of time I may or may not have when I get to Heathrow (schedule says 1 hr 15 mins between landing and departure), will I have access to Duty Free there or will I be limited to pre-flight at...
  9. flango

    Kings Cross to Heathrow T3 travel advice needed.

    Need a little help, flying out of Heathrow next week and need to get there from Doncaster as our company driver is off ill. My plan is to get the train to London but the first train from Doncaster arrives Kings Cross 07:30 and I need to be at heathrow T3 for 9am. Googling suggests either...
  10. Braincrank

    I need a good indie in the heathrow area ...

    Tried all sorts to get to the bottom of it but don't seem to get anywhere ... The car is running like a dream but when in idle every so often she's doing a stutter as if she's going to die on me and then she runs again like nothing has happened . The leads are new(ish) 6months old, the coil is...
  11. E

    Valet Parking at Heathrow Terminal 4

    I shall shortly be looking to arrange car parking for a holiday next March, and I'm minded to use a valet parking or Meet & Greet service, at Heathrow TN4. There's a plethora of companies, and booking this early, prices are very reasonable. Does anyone have any recommendations, for or against...
  12. Spinal

    Heathrow: Picking someone up

    I need to pick up SWMBO from Heathrow today; she's arriving by tube from central London... We're only going across the street to Sipson for a dog event, hence why she's going to Heathrow. That said, from what I remember, there is nowhere to stop near the Terminal 1-3 tube station... any...
  13. HB

    Heathrow to Richmond

    Hi Guys. I may be requiring one of our member limo services to collect at Heathrow and drop off in Richmond on 24th Sep. Then in reverse possibly. Can you help me with who does this.
  14. Whitey

    2013 Heathrow Apprenticeship

    Recruitment has started : Heathrow: Apprenticeships Whitey :bannana:
  15. D

    Near miss at heathrow terminal pickup

    Was picking a friend at the airport and in my excitement, double parked and put the car in reverse instead of park. Got out the car, shut door and car was picking up speed in reverse. I just manage to make back into the car in time before disaster struck. Very close call! Why don't the C class...
  16. S

    Airport Lounge Heathrow T4

    After reading and posting in the recent thread about Airport Parking and Valet Parking I was wondering if anyone has a good solution to another flying problem? The wife and I are booked to go away for a few weeks in November. We are flying from Heathrow Terminal 4. A journey we have done many...
  17. WesLangdon

    Heathrow delays

  18. A

    MB Heathrow put in too much engine oil

    Hi. MB Heathrow put in too much oil when they serviced my car last year and I only found out at the MOT this year when they 'rectified the problem for free'. I am concerned as the car had been making some strange sounds since the last service and still is. Also, the gearbox sump has a minor...
  19. marty359

    Work on Heathrow?

    Does anyone work at Heathrow Airport? Im an Electrician and work is running out at an alarming rate:( the company I work for employs 20 and 8 have been laid off this morning and theres talk of going down to a 3 day week :( my hours have been cut from 60/70 down to 40 and if these hours...
  20. M

    Tidy looking C124 Brabus in Heathrow car park

    Hi All, Whilst parking up at Terminal 4 yesterday i noticed a rather smart looking Brabus CE it was black with black leather interior (white piping) and had the brabus kit on it with exhaust and wheels (thought it was KLP 92's old one). Just wanted to know if it was anyones on here?? parked...
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