1. D

    Hey just joined

    Hey guys just joined does anybody know of any mb car meets around or close to the leicestershire area regards dan
  2. AndyKO

    Hey You Guys!

    Hi all, Just a newbie saying hello! I've got an '03 E270 CDI, lovely car but just encountered a slight issue! :doh: I've put a post in general discussion, not sure if it's the right place? Cheers peeps.. Andy :thumb:
  3. J

    Hey another newbie from UK

    Right, just purchased my MBclub sticker pretty excited to go in my new car, see attached she's a beauty. It's the CLC 220 CDI VERSION with panoramic roof, leather seats etc. And she purrs!! Loving the fire opal red and I noticed it turns some peoples heads! Just had CarPlay installed which is...
  4. B

    Hey Guys - Potential New MB Owner

    Hello All Looks like I may have answered some of my questions already before even saying Hello! Whoops! Looking to get my first MB within my budget and really like the CLK 280 Sport. Having read forums it looks like this has the m272 which is within the range of having a pretty costly...
  5. B


    Glad to be part of a great bunch of enthusiasts!!!
  6. D


    Eddie here, nice to get some tips and news from other MB lovers :)
  7. P

    Hey, another newbie here

    Hi Everyone, Just taking this opportunity to introduce myself on this forum in the correct manner. Im in the UK on the south coast. I have never owned a Mercedes before, but my wife and I are looking for a new car. We've test drove the usual suspects,- Audi A4, BMW 3 series...
  8. L

    Hey all, New C250 owner from Suffolk! :)

    Hey all, Recently purchased a new C250 Coupe in white and I'm besotted! I possibly won't be once I look at my bank balance, however its a step up from my previous pathetic car choices, sadly its just a toy to me as I drive the work van all week, as long as its clean for weekends! Id love to...
  9. B

    Hey folks...

    Newbie in the house! I live in Bedfordshire and always wanted a Merc so I eventually got one, a black C180 Sport, manual and now with 140,000 ish miles on the clock. I've had her about 6 years, the last year off the road unfortunately with ignition trouble.....anyway, here's a couple of pics of...
  10. R

    Hey! New to Merc with C124

    Hi, I've been reading and lurking for a while, lot's of great advice and info here! Bought my first old Merc for a great price (lot's of naive people must say that) it's a W124 coupe 220CE '93 pre facelift. Seems mechanically sound, only minor issues that needed attention, very well maintained...
  11. J

    Hey - Newbie

    Hi guys Brand spanking new here. So I thought I would pop in and say a quick hello. I hope I can contribute more than I take - that's me. Nice forum. Cheers Jimbo
  12. V


    Hello everyone, I am new here as looking to buy my second Mercedes, after sl500 R129 shame have to make million posts before can do anything in classifieds section. Ouu well, we will see :)
  13. B

    Hey I'm new

    Hey guys I'm new from South Wales my name is dai
  14. B

    Hey newbie here

    Hey guys. Recently picked up an 08 C63 estate and am loving it. Had a 211 E63 before this and they are very different cars. But both are great. I am in love with the noise but wouldnt mind a little more without getting any droning. As I got with the e class after I had a res delete. Secondary...
  15. M

    Hey good news for touch up paint job

    Just got through an email from the AA 15% off on Chips away.
  16. L

    Hey all, hope will have a nice time here with you great ppl

    Hi , I am new here in this forum.. I am Parker from Leigh. I have bought BMW , 118d M sport, 3 months back, love this car but I have to sell and buy another one with whom I fell in love is Audi , A4 2.0 TDV S-line.. what you say friends...?
  17. P

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, I'm new to the mb scene and I'm after a bit of info, I'm thinking of buying a ml320 and was wondering what to look for ? What are the common faults ? Thanks in advance
  18. J

    Hey all

    Hey all, I'm 27 from Northampton I've been a BMW owner for the last 7 years. But since someone crashed into my BM last year I needed to buy a new car, so I ended up buying a W208 CLK320 tip. Its got 74k on the clock and a full MBSH, seem to have been quite unlucky so far with my car but I guess...
  19. MB-C220-EST

    Hey all

    Hey all just introducing myself Just bought a New C220 Estate and thought I'd rake through the minds of the informed owners etc..
  20. BlackEdition

    Hey Ho!

    Hi all, just joined about 5 minutes ago. Looking forward to some banter and helpful hints and tips:D
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