Why Hide Registration Number Plates

    Life would be much easier if when I am looking for a used car that the the number plate a) is not hidden, if it's to be hidden behind a company logo then somewhere in the details of the car the reg. number should be placed. Homework on any used car should be done before I set of in some case's...
  2. ioweddie

    Hide in a crowd, Not any more

    "God Bless America" Think you can hide in a large crowd? Not anymore. Ever wonder how they found the Boston bombers in just a few days? This may help you to understand what the government is looking at. This photo was taken in Canada and shows about 700,000 people. Hard to disappear in...

    hide scratch in paint easy

    today i wash my viano full of scratch ,and decided to try wd40 on all the paint around and it was great ,hide most of the scratch.
  4. poormansporsche

    Engraved Wheels - Hide or Highlight ????

    ive got these wheels coming and going to get refurbed. What my plan was to get powdercoated black or anthracite and have the faces diamond cut to highlight the spokes This is what i want them to look like (a set of my old wheels) But as you can see from the first pic there is...
  5. omegav6i

    W202 sub/amp custom hide

    Custom made sub and amp boot hide for a w202. Same one Alps had in his C36. Should be a direct fit for a pre facelift 202. could be cut and modified to fit a facelift version easily i imagine if you are that way inclined with a jigsaw. Pick up preferably from EN11, Contact me for more details...
  6. mercmanuk

    hide your IP address

    does anyone use a programme to hide your genuine ip address while on the net.a friend has just had a lot of bother because someone has been using his ip address on dodgy internet sites,took him 3 weeks to sort everything out. would running a prog to hide the ip address work
  7. Paul S320CDi

    HPI Question. Can change of plates hide anything?

    I did a HPI check before I bought my car. It all looked clean. I have just re-read it and the wording is slightly ambiguous. It keeps referring to "this registration". You can see that it says there has been a change of plate. Could it have been written off under the other plate and then had...
  8. S

    Product to hide / remove cracks in steering wheel lacquer?

    Managed to get a 2nd hand MP Design steering wheel, but unfortunately it has some cracks in the lacquer on the birdseye section on the top :( Not the greatest pics I'm afraid, but it's a tricky thing to photograph. ...is there a polish or other product I could apply to hide the...
  9. L

    Hide the PC

    Hi all As most of you know I am a total Ludite BUT when I move into my new place I no longer want to see the PC/Base unit etc and would like to combine some systems on to the PC, so my question is what Home network suggestions are around and what budgets, oh and do wireless monitors exist...
  10. R

    oil filter hide and seek!

    folks..just bought my service bits for wifes a160 2002...jacked up but cant find the sump or oil filter! spent 2 hours browsing the web for instructions but no joy. Apparently some folks are pumping out the oil from the dipstick but that cant be right! Does anyone know where the oil sump and...
  11. thekeeper24

    hide & seek power

    in my d123 deisel, happend twice in the last few weeks, randomly. seemed battery did not rechagre during trip and left me limping to my destination and then unable to leave without a monsterous jump start:( . the battery is less then a year old, any ideas as to why it would just not recharge...
  12. Ron

    How would you hide the wires ?

    I'm using a PDA for sat nav in my W210, but the wires are a bloody mess. To make you aware of this set up, theres a wire from the GPS, mounted in certre of dash abutting the windscreen, down to the ciggie ligher power point, then a power lead to my PDA which I have mounted on the right hand...
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