1. adilhk84

    Cup holders

    Quick question - why doesn't my 2007 CLS have any cup holders for the driver/passenger. Forgive me ignorance if they are hidden and I can't find them - just please point me in the right direction! As I find it hard to believe that my old Renault had them but a MB doesn't!
  2. B

    Cup Holders

    Hi all, I have a 2003 C220 Coupe, I find it very strange that the car came with no cup holders! I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can buy them and add them to the vechile in anyway. Any feedback would be appreciated!:bannana:
  3. 91dm

    W202 Rear Light Bulb Holders Wanted

    Hello, I’m after two rear bulb holders for a w202 saloon for a small project. PM me with any details please or reply here. Thanks .
  4. als

    W211 Front Cup Holders

    I don't have ANY cup holders in the front of my E280 Estate. Can I get something cheaply to fit in the hole in front of the centre armrest?
  5. R

    Front and rear license plate holders for W208 - please

    Hi all, I'm after front and rear license plate holders for my W208 CLK, please. I'd like them to be detachable, and also for the plates themselves to be easily changed. I am unsure if the Mercedes ones allow this, does anyone know? If not, any other recommendations would be great. I saw...
  6. T

    AMG number plate holders

    Seen a couple of cars with AMG logo'd black number plate holders - anyone know where to acquire a set?
  7. G-A-R-Y

    Why is ebay such a rip off? cup holders.

    I've been looking at getting a cup holder for my W210, Then suddenly there are loads from the same seller on ebay. I've kept watch of the prices hoping they will fall. Out of curiosity I called the main agents, you've guessed it. They only cost £21 before discount and VAT(and it was in...
  8. G

    W211 cup holders

    I have an 05 W211 Avantgarde. Incredibly it doesnt have any cupholders in the front. There is the usual rear armrest but none upfront. Is there a MB part I can buy that say converts the cubby infront of the armrest into a cupholder?? Thanks
  9. Gollom

    W124 plate holders

    Sure I saw this but can't find it now!:crazy: Need new number plates and holders for the beautiful Mrs. Golloms 300E - are the holders anything special for this car? Dealers?
  10. grober

    Limbo dancing for licence holders??

    I know this has been tried before--I think by VW ( With their Formel-E Polo and Ecomatic Golf)?? but in todays vehicle licencing climate it seems a good idea. By switching off the engine when stationary and using regenerative battery charging BMW has managed to reduce its diesel MINI to a lower...
  11. rajinder_1

    number plate holders

    Hi guys, after having the SL for 1 yr i though i would change the old number plates to some new ones. took the screws out the back and 3 out of th 4 screws snapped in there.... whats the best way to either remove the 3 duff fastners or take out the remainding bits of the screw left in the...
  12. wongl

    W210 Estate - question on rear cup holders

    Just took delivery of a Year 2000 W210 Estate. Got a question on the cup holders in the rear central armrest. Owner's manual says "press the cup holders in and release so that it slides out a little...". However, on mine, as soon as the arm rest is pulled down from the back, the cup holder...
  13. Tan

    Mobile Phone Holders

    Hi Does anyone know of any nice looking Mobile phone holders. I want to buy a universal holder so I don't have to change it every time I change phone. I currently have the original Nokia 8910i holder and that was ok for my 8910i and luckily my 6230 but is no good for my new Sony S700i...
  14. F

    Cup holders in W140!

    Hi all! I've acquired a 97 S320 - registered 97, but probably a 96 model; don't know how to tell! The biggest problem I've got now is it has no cupholder for the driver!! I'm used to using the coin box in my 98 C180 as a cupholder, but there doesnt seem to be any equivalent here. I...
  15. R

    Cup Holders for the front Seats

    Does anyone know if you can get cup holders for the front MB OEM as I have them in the back seat centre console? Thanks Ian
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