1. wongl

    Are there any forum members here based in Hong Kong??

    Having relocated to Hong Kong for over a year, I am now considering buying a second hand Mercedes in HK to "learn the roads". I was wondering if there are any forum members based in HK who would be able to give a newbie some advice about buying a second hand car here?
  2. ss201

    Freight service Uk to Hong Kong

    I have a set of four M-B alloys with tyres that I need to ship to a colleague in Hong Kong. So far I have tried UPS (they will only ship business to business), have requested quotes from Anglo Pacific Freight, DHL, TNT and Dynamic International (specialist freight forwarding company). So far, no...
  3. P

    New member from Hong Kong

    Been owners/users of MB for decades. Recently bought a very lo mileage R 129 SL 320 w/ glass top. Previous owned R107 when in Canada and a 300CD. Back in the early .70, had a 280SL pagoda and sold it to an accoutant who shipped it to Aust. Most regrettable mistake in my auto experience. Now...
  4. trando

    Mercs in Hong Kong

    Hi Just came back from a couple of weeks in Hong Kong... I was expecting to see lots of Mercs and I did - every other vehicle was a bus, a taxi or an S Class! Most of them were just standard - they don't seem to go in for much bling in Hong Kong - or not that I saw. Other than the two pics...
  5. P

    Need DVD Hong Kong Map Disc after sucessful installing a UK Comand

    I recently come to hong kong and have a ML350 W164. Factory fitted sat nav is not very common in this part of the world, may be the dealer asking price of $55000 HKD ( £2000 + £1800 tax ) have put off anyone who wanted one. So I brought a used Command APS from UK ebay, took me 1 hour to...
  6. C

    Hong Kong / Vietnam

    1 week today, I go on my 25th wedding anniversary holiday. Depart Heathrow to Hong Kong. Virgin Air, cattle class. 5 nights Hong Kong hotel, 6 nights cruise ship down the coast to Vietnam. Da Nang, return Hong Kong. Never been there before. Anyone been there, any tips, recommended places to...
  7. chrispy

    Fed Up With Ebay & Hong Kong Seller

    I ordered the w202 grille with star over 3 weeks ago from a seller in Hong Kong (HK-plus). Including postage it cost me a grand total of £69 so I thought it was a steal. After numerous e-mails to the comapny (none replied to) I was forced into lodging a dispute with them. Four days later I have...
  8. guydewdney

    Spy pics of new Z class merc - spotted in Hong Kong..

  9. kusanku

    Hong Kong imports

    Just come accross a low mileage 129 series SL500 for sale, which has taken my fancy. Sounds really good, but transpires it has been imported from Hong Kong. Does anyone know what the implications of this might be? thanks Simon
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