1. C

    1989 W126 300se £1100 Hook, Hampshire

    I saved this car from London where it had been sat on the street for 3 years getting very little use (c.500 miles a year) after the owner fell ill, with the intention of using it as a stop gap until my newly ordered BMW is delivered. Why get something new and boring when cars like this are...
  2. masqueraid

    W211 Rear tow hook cover

    Despite the little safety cord I must have shed my rear bumper tow hook cover sometime during the week - does anyone know the part number for a pre-facelift 2003 W211 E220 Avantgarde? A quick glance at some other MBs on the road today suggests they all look alike but I'm guessing that the...
  3. G

    Door Locking Eye / Hook Plastic Covers

    Bought these thinking I'll just have two spares, well not really - apparently the coupé doors' locking eyes are different. :doh: So, these are now for sale - should fit most models, but please check the shape and size of the hook on your car, before purchasing. Nice, matt, deep black...
  4. T

    Fixing tow hook cover on a w202

    My tow hook cover came off. Just wondering does anyone know how i can put it back on securely please Its exactly like this one. The vent/grille thing lower part of the bumper (left side) next to the hole This thing
  5. Tim203

    W/S203 Avantgarde phone hook up

    Hi, just wondered if anyone has any experience connecting up to the oe loom under the central armrest with iPhone for example . Thanks Tim.
  6. JethroUK

    Can I hook up my android radio?

    Just got me a c220 elegance I have android phone with Google radio Can I hook up my android radio?
  7. Frank Pindock

    Tow Hook for W124

    I am looking for a tow hook for a W124, never fitted one before, I hope it will be straight forward! I can be contacted at [email protected] Many thanks
  8. Frank Pindock

    Tow Hook for W124 300te

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone has a W124 tow hook for sale ? It's not urgent, but I know I will miss not being able to tow now and again.
  9. HB

    C32 with tow hook

    I saw this earlier on today. Pulled into the garage to have a look and saw a big bloody tow hook on it. Not in the description either hmm... Are they able to have a tow hook fitted ? Estate C32 AMG from Farrell Car Company - preowned vehicles you can trust
  10. B

    Head restraints and load space hook

    On the W204 sport should both the front head restraints adjust fully down so they are sitting on the seat back ? On mine the driver one will adjust fully down but the passenger one seems to hit a mechanical stop inside the seat just above the first latching position. Presumably they should...
  11. EDZ649

    W210 Floor mat retaining hook

    Does anyone have a spare pair of the chrome retaining hooks that screw onto the rail under the front seats on a W210 to hold the mats in place? TIA. :)
  12. easiboss

    Cosworth tow hook eye?

    Looking for a Cosworth front bumber tow hook eye? lost mine somewhere please help, if anyone knows of, please help, metallic black preferably but any colour really. All the best for 2010 guys.....
  13. gurpz

    W210 Front Tow Hook Cover (Pre-Facelift)

    Require a tow hook cover for a pre-facelift W210 preferably in alexandrite green metallic but other colours may be considered depending on price. Thanks
  14. R129mine

    spray painting tow hook cover on r129

    hi a couple of months ago i lost my tow hook cover of my 96 r129, i have bought a replacement from MB and it will arrive this Tuesday (£45 BTW) i went to wayside in MK and asked them how much they would charge to have this sprayed in the correct color (MB deliver them unpainted) and they quoted...
  15. R129mine

    tow hook cover for 96 r129

    hi a couple of weeks ago i lost my tow hook cover on my r129 (96) and i am trying to get this replaced. rather then ordering one from the MB dealership i thought i try ebay and i found the following: i looked up the part number on www.detali.ru website and with my vin number i get part...
  16. S

    Oris "Swan neck" tow hook

    Hi All, I m trying to get hold of an Oris detachable Swan neck towhook for a 1996 W124 E-class estate. I have the full factory fitted towbar but the previous owner appears to have lost the removable neck.! I have tried Oris directly and they are not interested in helping and the Merc...
  17. PJH

    Another speeding copper off the hook

    BBC Link
  18. J

    Front Towing Hook Cover

    Got stuck in a muddy car park at GLastonbury. I was towed out buy a kind gentleman in a "Ford" Land Rover. Trouble is the Grill cvering the front towing hook went for a burton. Anyone have an idea of the cost of a replacement and spraying to the correc colour? PS it's impossible to use...
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