1. T

    Greetings from Team63 - x3 Identical C63's!!!

    Hi All, Hope you are all well. We are Team63, 3 friends from London who bought x3 C63 AMG's about 6 month's ago on the same day! We should off joined earlier as we have heard great things about the forum and its members but as they say, better late than never! See below our AMG...
  2. 219

    Identical Twin !

    Derek ( druk ) , I have just found your long lost identical twin :D He too is interested in Mercedes . Here are the 'twins' What do you think ? I have to say 'our' Derek has the better equipped garage though :D
  3. N

    identical to the E55 AMG....

    ....The only thing i can see that is "identical to the E55 AMG" is the AMG bagde. MERCEDES AMG LOOK - REDUCED REDUCED on eBay (end time 12-May-10 22:20:44 BST)
  4. High-Lo

    Facelift 208/210 Grille Identical?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know if the facelifted 208 Avantgarde grille is the same as on the facelifted W210 as this eBay ad suggests? I have got a chip in mine and would like a replacement. Thanks, Steve
  5. D

    Question - Identical breaks? - Pool

    Right, here is a question I thought about for no apparent reason ages ago and still don't know the answer..... ....Your playing a game of Pool and break off into a new pack of balls. Then if you re-racked the balls and left them on the exact same spot as before and broke off from the exact same...
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