1. G

    cutting out imobiliser info needed

    I have recently purchased a 1993 220 coupe. It has an lpg conversion although this is currently disconnected. The engine will start and run but if it cuts out the only way i have discovered to make it re start for more than an initial second is to get out of the car,lock with the key and then un...
  2. R

    300d imobiliser problem

    Hi all, My W124 96 300d estate developed a starting problem and the ignition was bypassed by the AA to get me home. When I bought the car it had no remote fob and the driver door lock and ignition were damaged so I replaced with second hand parts which worked OK although the imobiliser never...
  3. swithin

    R129 No alarm or imobiliser

    Good evening all, and hope all you 129 owners are enjoying the sun as much as i am. Thought i'd check to see if the car would go berserk if someone put their hand in the car with the hood down and the car locked by remote. I could actually put my arm in and open the door with the interior...
  4. C

    Imobiliser Problem E Class 1996

    Hi All and Happy Easter!!! Well I just joined and have tried to post an article, or should I say a cry for help, but it seems my article was not posted, so here goes again! Two years ago I placed my Mercedes E class 240 into storage. I did the right thing and disconnected the battery and...
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