1. jay1983

    Car impounded by dvla.... After scrapping!!

    Bit of advise needed guys. I scrapped a car recently with a well known scrap company in Manchester. Today I received a letter from the dvla stating they have impounded the car from an area nowhere near the scrap merchants. I went with the company as they are well known and are an authorised...
  2. Satch

    Bailiffs impounded £60,000 of booze from a Tesco store

    The supermarket had failed to pay damages to a bloke who filled his Sprinter with Tesco diesel which was contaminated with water in 2003. £3,400 repair bill. Tesco admitted liability but only prepared to pay 25% so he sued Tesco for the full cost of the bill. Court hearing in December, where...
  3. GRAV888

    Impounded W202 !!!!!!

    Went to Medway Mercedes this morning to sort out the leaking radiator. The guy there was really helpful (unusual for them). He told me that 2 other w202's have had the same problem with the type of radiator that is fitted to my car,(a header tank on top of the rad), but theirs' had blown up...
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