1. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday KillerHERTZ

    Many happy returns Karl, have a great day :thumb:
  2. S

    Wanted: Killerhertz LED Sidelight Bulbs for W211

    Evening fellas, I'm after side light bulbs for my W211, specifically ones that are the closest colour match to the headlights. Been doing some digging through the forum and it quite possibly seems to me that Killerhertz is a specialist in this area. Many thanks!
  3. markmifsud

    Happy Birthday KillerHERTZ

    Hope your having a good one :)
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Latest Addition to the KillerHERTZ Fleet

    Today I had my new daily driver rider arrive which will replace my current MY2008 GT Avalanche 1.0. I do 50 miles a week to and from work, aswell as long rides at the weekend. -GT Avalanche Expert MY:2015 -0.5 Bhp Specs for bike geeks: Frame Hydroformed & Butted Speed...
  5. markmifsud

    Happy Birthday KillerHERTZ

    hope you had a good one :)
  6. h17n dj


    Could you please clear your inbox as need to enquire about some LED numnerplate lights for a 2010 W219 Cls Thanks in advance Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  7. N

    KillerHERTZ - private messages

    Just a quick request, Unable to send you a PM for a few days due to your mailbox exceeding limits, not sure if you got my email re the returned LEDs last week but if not could you clear your mailbox so I can check you received them back? Cheers.
  8. Marcel-Anthony

    A Big Thanks to KillerHERTZ

    Had the pleasure of meeting KillerHERTZ over the weekend. He kindly let me have his old Exhaust from his Clk to help me replace my old rusty on on mine. I also got to have a good look at his fantastic CLS AMG. What a great looking car. So thanks Karl, you have saved me a load of money...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    KillerHERTZ 2005 CLS55 AMG Kompressor (W219)

    Here is my 2005, W219 CLS55 AMG V8 Kompressor Questions/Comments, please use my project thread HERE -Obsidian Black -Black Leather/Alcantara -Multi Contour Seats -18" AMG Style IV Alloys -Harman Kardon Surround system with iPod controls -COMAND Planned Mods: (in no order) -Facelift 'arrow'...
  10. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday KillerHERTZ!

    Many happy returns! Hope you have a good day Karl :thumb:
  11. G

    KillerHERTZ LED Side Lights

    After my third set of eBay LED sidelights failed due to poor design/manufacturing only lasting a month or two each time I decided to get some quality items that will last. I emailed Karl (KillerHERTZ) who kindly explained why the eBay items are so poor and how much better the superior quality...
  12. ringway

    Happy Birthday Killerhertz!

    Happy Birthday Karl. :thumb:
  13. Crespo

    FAO KillerHERTZ

    Mate for some reason I can't reply to your build thread or send you a PM. here is a cut and paste of what I have been trying to say for the last ten minutes. Hopefully you get it. That looks the nuts. I am in the process of doing mine. Although I am doing it the easy way with a double din...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    KillerHERTZ's W209 CLK270 CDI

    W209 CLK270 CDI with AMG Styling Package Delivery Date - 11/02/2003 Not many options selected - which means more mods to do! to discuss my car visit this thread: HERE Factory fitted Options: 744 - Brilliant Sliver Metallic Exterior 249 - Dimming Interior & Exterior mirrors...
  15. W

    FAO KillerHertz - LED Bulbs

    Trying to PM KillerHertz regarding LED bulbs but inbox is full. Is there a For Sale thread for the LED bulbs?
  16. Gareth

    KillerHertz - Please clear your PMs

    Karl, Can you clear your PMs and / or PM me please. Regards, Gareth
  17. ringway

    Happy Birthday KillerHERTZ!

    Happy Birthday Karl. :thumb:
  18. Gucci

    Thanks to KillerHERTZ for WHITE LEDs! (warning, contains non Mercedes)

    My sidelights were very yellow, so I bought some replacement 501s online. They were too blue, so contacted our very own KillerHERTZ. He sorted me out with some very white, clean LEDs - and the car looks so much better for it. Big thanks to KillerHERTZ again - very very happy :thumb:
  19. horgantrevor

    killerhertz is this your boot ?

    found this is some one using your boot picture or are you selling boot lid Mercedes Benz C180 (W202) Boot-Lid (1993 - 1998) | eBay
  20. timskemp

    W204 LED Eyebrows from Killerhertz

    Ordered some of Killerhertz LEDs. There should be a warning in the W204 C class manual - fitting lamps may cause outbursts of swearing. Anyway - look nice in the end
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