1. W

    w639 Dash audio layer frame

    Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum and this is my first post! As I have not find an answer doing some research on internet about difference between 2005 and over 2006 Vito/Viano dash audio frame, I decided to ask, if someone can explain me why some 2din audio player producers say that their...
  2. K

    Support for Dual Layer DVDs

    Is anyone able to confirm whether the DVD reader in the NTG2.5 reads home burned dual layer DVDs packed with mp3 files? If it does work, what brand discs are you using?
  3. T

    Does a deep scratch past paint layer mean panel needs complete respray

    Discovered car has a deep scratch through to metal on car about 40mm long less than 1mm wide to the lower offside rear door. Anyone got experience of whether these scratches can be repaired without necessarily having the whole lower door panel resprayed by some of the smart repair agents out...
  4. mercmanuk

    floor layer required

    can anyone recommend any good flooring fitters in the greater manchester area to lay amtico,karndean or polyfloor type floors,personal recomendation is worth a lot!.
  5. pluggers

    Duel Layer DVD

    Im looking at purchasing a new duel layer DVD writer,I dont want to pay too much £60ish but has anyone any thoughts as too a good one I have been offered numerous NEC ones but also people have said go for something like plextor or liteon.I quite like the set up on this liteon but its proving...
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