1. bob6600

    At what age did you learn to drive?

    When I was 16, I couldn't wait to learn to drive. Applied for my provisional license and had my first lesson on my 17th birthday, passing in around 6 months with 1 lesson a week. When did you have your first lesson? Are kids of today just as eager to learn and have a lesson on their 17th...
  2. R

    Something that MB can learn from other manufacturers...

    MB Keys have buttons that are the same size - Having locked my car, I sometimes used to accidentally unlock it when putting my keys in my pocket. Honda keys have different sized buttons - A large one for locking the car, and a smaller indented one for unlocking the car. I still miss the...
  3. brucemillar

    We all have to learn sometime.

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  4. Ditch

    Learn Something every day

    well, after bemoaning the lack of some features on my c220 I stumble across the solution to one of them. I had no idea I could control my windows from the remote :doh:
  5. Coxyboy123

    New member - here to learn about c63's.

    Hi everyone. Just a quick hello. I've joined this forum to learn more about the C63 AMG as I'm looking to get one for my next car. I currently own an E92 M3 and am a fairly active member on the M3 cutters forum. Hopefully I can do my pre purchase research here amongst actual C63...

    Will they never learn?

    Friends of ours decided it was time they upgraded from their 1998 Mazda 323f , which they have owned from new . Drove to their local Mazda dealer ( where they originally bought the car ) , who obviously decided they were not worth speaking to as they were studiously ignored for about 15...
  7. L

    MB could learn from Volvo

    I have to say I am not a major fan of Volvo but there is a nifty idea on the XC90 (and maybe on other models) . What is it? Well, to remove the headlight, all you have to do is lift up 2 grey plastic strips and out comes the headlight. It could not be simpler. Mb along with loads of other car...
  8. M

    Newbie willing to learn.

    Hello everyone, just upgraded from a 2000 clk avantgarde to a '57 clk 220 cdi with Amg kit so I thought it was a good idea to come and say hello. Seems like I have a hell of a lot of reading up to do to keep this car in shape. Happy to receive any tips and guidance anyone may want to pass...
  9. M

    What did you learn today?

    As the adage goes, you learn something new every day. Well, today I learned never to select pick'n'mix sweets from any container that's low down enough to be within a child's reach, after witnessing a two unsupervised children using their fingers to sample the wares, and putting back anything...
  10. M

    Hello all! i am here to learn

    Hello All I have bought a 1998 Mercedes 300TE Estate petrol as i have always wanted a Mercedes estate and its mid life crisis time. I am having problems (see engine forum) but hopefully these will be minor and all will become good in the end. Any advice welcome simont
  11. Palfrem

    The more I learn about Facebook et al

    BBC News - Facebook sorry over face tagging launch Is it only me that finds this stuff becoming increasingly sinister? Sleepwalking to room 101?
  12. 312 Sprinter

    W124 E220 Estate tidy up. Will I ever learn?

    Following on from my thread in new members I thought I'd post up a little thread about my brother in law's E220 estate. His BMW diesel has just bitten the dust, as they're wont to do. It gobbled up a swirl flap or two; game over. To be honest I'm pleased to see the back of it, horrible...
  13. Godot

    Like Wine ? Like Women ? Want to learn more about wine ?

    SFW, as they say..mainly about "new world" wines presented by a "new world" lady.. My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you: The Naked Wine Show :rock::bannana::):thumb:
  14. HughJarse

    Whats the quickest way to learn spanish?

    As topic says... any suggestions from people that has worked? Ive tried various tapes and methods such as Michel Thomas and Rosetta Stone, but can't seem to find a one that works for me! Any suggestions?
  15. Silvertank

    Learn how to fly here......

  16. BenzComander

    Can the gearbox "learn"?

    I think I remember seeing somewhere that newer Mercedes gearbox's have an ability to learn your driving style. Can anybody confirm this, and how long does it take?
  17. pluggers

    When will people ever learn

    When will people ever learn not to do stupid things,I was travelling to work this morning about 6.45am at 50ish mph in the outside lane of a duel carraige way, when someone pulled out of a side street on my left and then try to get in the outside lane in front of me (im doing 50ish they are...
  18. PeterG

    Kids will never learn

    Just the other day I was stationary at a set of zebra crossings awaiting a couple to clear when I saw an old dear of about 80 start to cross from the far offside. I stayed put to let her cross when the car behind me a Red XR31{had to be} began to sound his horn. I clearly pointed to the...
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