1. Ade B

    Ultra Wide Angle Lens

    Tokina 11-16 Anyone on here got one. Does the novelty wear off? Cheers Ade
  2. Mercsys

    2k 210 wing mirror indicator lens NS

    I need just the indicator lens that I hope is replicable for the near side wing mirror cover, eBay has some but I don’t need the cover and don’t want to get into having to spray up a new cover.
  3. Tan

    SLR Lens Advice

    Hi I need to pick the brains of some of our photography experts, as to which is a good lens to buy. I have a Canon 400D which I have had for a few years and use the standard EFS18-55mm kit lens. I want to buy an additional lens, I generally use the camera for family pictures, holidays and...
  4. W

    headlight lens cleaning

    Can members please tell me how they clean their headlight lenses, in both summer and winter conditions? This is a bit of work related research. I'm not after the best method, just what you do :) Many thanks.
  5. babz

    w202 headlight lens

    Hi guys, my headlight lens' are looking pretty grubby from the inside. i was was wondering if there was any way i could take the front lens' off withough having to remove the whole headlight cluster?? any ideas?
  6. Racerabbit

    replacing indicator lens on c220

    Hi my darlings, how are you all doing? Looking for some info (hints & tips if you will) on how to replace the lens cover on the drivers side wing mirror have managed to get the mirror out but cannot see where the screws are that are holding the damaged lens in place are. Any help would be...
  7. Godot

    Couple caught on camera from helicopter zoom lens

  8. dokalj

    ML N/S Mirror Indicator Lens

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. Does anyone have a spare N/S mirror indicator lens for a 2003 ML? A163 820 03 21 If anyone can help that would be great. I am looking around for the best price :) Regards dokalj
  9. K

    W164 Rear light lens cover

    Hi Forum members Been away for a bit - Happy Christmas to all I have a broken rear lens cover (passenger side) and the dealer tells me I have to buy the whole unit to replace Is this true anyone know I thought I could just buy the lens cover ML320 - W164 - 2007 Any help would be...
  10. ringway

    Searching for a Canon EF 100mm F2.8L Lens.

    Evenin' all. A very good friend of mine is trying to source a Canon lens. Obviously the best deal possible is what is required and I thought I'd draw on the expert knowledge of the members here to see if we might be able to help him out. The Lens is a Canon, EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM Macro...
  11. shanksy

    W124 near side clear indicator lens

    Am looking for a passenger side clear indicator lens cover. Car is e220 Coupe facelift ('95).
  12. DSB SL AMG

    Help SL R129 side repeater lens?

    Hi guys, Unfortunately broke my pass side repeater lens on my SL last week...after ordering a spare from Dronsfield its the wrong type, i didnt realize there were variants! So after looking on the net i cannot seem to find mine , it has Sidler 1511 stamped on it so OEM...Any sourcing help...
  13. S

    Canon 100-400mm lens

    Bit of clearout in Chateaux Setanta and I rarely use this (primary lens is a wide angle and short zoom since out little daughter seems to be the subject now rather than cars or airshows. Perfect condition with box, case, cover, lens hood etc. £900
  14. D

    exterior mirror indicator lens

    Hi, I managed to clip the gate post at home with my wing mirror in my 02 reg C Coupe (i know, i know! :wallbash:) and subsequently I have broken the indicator lens on the mirror. Does anyone know where I can get the part without buying an entire new wing mirror and how I can fit it...
  15. P

    Cleaning CD changer lens

    Hi, I believe I need to clean the lens on the boot CD changer, as the 6 CD's are all skipping each track after 8 seconds!! I've done some research online and there seems to be an overriding opinion that you shouldn't use the typical CD cleaning kits - ie the ones with discs that have little...
  16. H

    mirror indicator lens

    Hi any one help with changing the mirror indicator lens on my 2002 C220CDI thanks
  17. A

    W124 how to remove headlight lens

    Hi, I just put on a new pair of clear indicators and I was gob sacked how nice they made the car look. The trouble is the headlights look dirty now next to them, so I wanna give the lens a clean/polish. So I undone the U clips at the top, and took the panel under the headlight off. But what...
  18. H

    Wanted W124 Estate Rear Light Lens & Front Light Lens

    I am looking for a good set of rear light lenses and front light lenses for my W124 Estste on an L plate. I have managed to get holes in all of them.
  19. H

    Wanted: off side head light lens W123 230te

    Hi All, Looking for an O/s headlight lens for a 1985 w123 te - almost all w123s apart from 200s will have these esp. after 1979. Cheers, Leif [email protected]
  20. W

    How to remove mould from headlight lens?

    Following this thread http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/classifieds-wanted/81768-wanted-packet-silicon-beads.html I've been slow to remove the condensation in my headlight housing. Now I have several breeds of fungi growing inside. The housing looks to be a sealed unit, other than the small...
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