1. P

    Canon 600d DSLR with 18-55mm lens & New Metz Flash

    £300.00 no offers Canon 600d DSLR with 18-55mm lens. It comes with 2 new batteries, strap and a mains charger. It also comes complete with a Metz 36 AF-5 Flash with clip in diffuser which I bought brand new just 10 days ago from the Camera Centre in Cardiff and cost just a tad under...
  2. design guru

    W220 Headlamp Lens Removal

    I have a S320 cdi W220 2001. I few months back I had a broken clamp on my turbo and exhaust fumes had been leaking under the bonnet, some of the smoke seems to have fogged the inside of the drivers side headlamp lens. When you open the bonnet the lens looks like its held on to the main light...
  3. M

    Front headlight lens corrosion

    Hi all Need some knowledge regarding lens corrosion removal. Can someone advise on what the best method is to remove a rough surface of 'corrosion' from a plastic headlight lens. The corrosion feels very rough - something like rust but on a plastic surface and is reducing the light visibility...
  4. M

    C Class Interior Courtesy Light Lens

    I have a crack in the drivers side interior courtesy light lens in my C220 Coupe (12)It is the one in the centre in front of the mirror, not above the sun visor. just been to my local dealer who have informed me that I would need to buy the whole unit as the lens isn't available separately...
  5. A

    Headlight lens

    The plastic lenses on both of my S211 headlights are scratched and tatty is there anyting anyone can recommend to remove these marks?
  6. biturbo

    1996 front clear indicator lens

    Looking for OEM Front indicator lens clear. NEW. looks like europarts do it on ebAY Off Side Front Indicator Lens - Mercedes SL (R129) 1995- | eBay but not sure it is OEM or aftermarket and also only seem to have part number for one side. Anyone got the part numbers, thanks in advance.
  7. BAT

    VIN NUMBER DECODE/ 4x4 reverse lens

    Hi, Tried the Russian sites but I'm after option codes for a van I've just bought. I'd love to find a site thats working in order to decode VIN numbers. It would save me asking each time I have a quest for knowledge. Anybody offer any info on Ex-Transco van VIN WDB9036622R369128 :dk::confused...
  8. just240

    Sony Nex Lens - help needed

    Hi everyone, I recently bought an Sony Nex 5N camera & also purchased a separate telephoto lens - E55-210mm F4.5-6.3 telephoto zoom lens at a trade show. If anyone has got one of these lens could they please contact me or sent a PM as i have a request to ask & need some help. thanks
  9. GordonTarling

    Canon 450D Camera & Lens

    Selling my unused Canon EOS 450D camera with Canon 18-55 OIS lens. This was bought new a couple of years ago and has never been out of the box except to photograph it! All original accessories are included, along with an 8gb SD card and an extra battery. Would make a nice Christmas pressie for...
  10. slkbabe

    Wing Mirror Indicator Lens

    Hellloooooo, Any help on how I replace the indicator lens in the wing mirror? SLK. 2005. R171. Thank you. x :)
  11. AnilS

    R129 Offside front indicator lens

    Anyone got one lying around? My car is a 1999, so a clear one to fit that please. Kind regards.
  12. D

    Changing R129 indicator and headlamp lens

    One of my indicators has a small crack and condensation so I have ordered a replacement. The headlamp lens on the same side (driver's) has a stone chip/crack so I managed to get hold of a replacement lens. The car is a 1998 model and has ADS in case that matters. I can't seem to find a how to...
  13. D

    F:S Canon EOS 400D and lens

    selling this Canon eos 400d and lens i dont have the time to use it just got it from ebay 6 weeks ago the item is used and in working order comes boxed and with a canon ef lens 35-80mm and a 1gb cf card need the cash to £180 inc P&P
  14. D

    WTD : canon lens

    i am looking for a canon lens for a canon 400d let me know what you have and how much
  15. Tan

    Lens Hoods / Filters

    Hi I have another questions for the SLR buffs amongst you. I am thinking that I should buy lens hoods for my two new lenses (which I am loving). What about filters? The two lenses are: Canon EF-S 18-200mm and Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II Thanks Tan
  16. D

    Hasselblad - collection of Cameras, Lens's & accessories. Anyone before Ebay?

    I have decided reluctantly to sell my Hasselblad kit. Just thought I would post on here but no doubt will have to eventually go the Ebay route but maybe someone keen on photography could be interested. I have 2 'five' series bodies (pretty good nick, both working perfectly) 4 lens's - 50mm...
  17. artyman

    Sigma 150-500 F5-6.3 APO DG HSM OS lens Canon Fit

    Sigma 150-500 F5-6.3 APO DG HSM OS lens Canon Fit Just the thing for Goodwood track days :D Complete with carry case, box, original documentation in excellent condition with just a couple of external normal wear marks. This has been a superb lens with a fantastic 4 stop OS system and in some...
  18. RonB58

    ML 320 (06) Foggy projector lens

    Hi all, my ML320 (2006) has headlights that are positively dangerous as they provide little light on dark country roads. :eek: I have fitted new H7 Ultrabright bulbs but this is only a marginal improvement. I would like to disassemble the headlight and clean the projector lens as I think this...
  19. artyman

    Sigma 150-500 F5-6.3 APO DG HSM lens Canon fit

    Sigma 150-500 F5-6.3 APO DG HSM lens Complete with carry case, box, original documentation and Hoya 86mm Pro UV Filter Excellent condition with just a couple of external normal wear marks. This has been a superb lens and in some ways I'm sorry to see it go, but I cannot justify both this and...
  20. X

    Changing the rear fog light from the right to the left lens

    Is it possible to change the fog light location from the right lens to the left. My car is a C320 CDI, W204. My car is right hand drive but I live in Germany so the wrong side is brighter. Any advice would be appreciated xixal
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