1. BenzedUP

    2010 C350CDi vs 08 Lex GS450H

    Couple of friends were wondering, what's faster? Well I was wondering till today.. Lex is a monster, that thing doesn't hang about!:eek: 350CDi Blue efficiency model didn't stand a chance!:eek: The 350CDi is going for the Brabus soon, so i'm sure they will try again.
  2. M

    What is MB Lex or Artico

    Hi, new to the forum and have alsreday spent some time viewing the posts, really interesting and useful. My question is about the upholstery. I have Mb Lex Artico in my car. Is this leather, part leather or plastic!! Can any one help clear this up, much appreciated?
  3. Glenleven

    MB Lex Tear

    I have just put two small tears in the "Plasticky" part of my rear MB Lex seat. Its on the smooth bottom side part / lumbar support and it is white underneath which makes me presume it must be the plastic as it seemed to tear rather too easy. I need some advice regarding repairing it. Has...
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