1. ace8800

    Mercedes CLS220cdi AMG Line MPG

    Hi all, Im looking at some CLS220 cdi AMG line, just wanted to know what was he real mpg. I drive mainly city and probably once a week 20miles strech. I had a CLK320cdi (2006) a while back and i remember it giving me 30mpg avg. So im hoping the 220cdi will give me more.. but because its a...
  2. J

    CLS250 CDi AMG line 63reg Pearl white 32k miles

    Friend is selling his CLS250 CDi AMG 7speed auto 63reg Pearl white unusual colour really looks amazing in the sunlight sparkles! 32k miles Full Service history, he has had a few in the past and a string of Mercedes so knows them well and knows a good one when he see's it, only selling due to...
  3. Schuey

    W205 C200 AMG Line Auto

    Hi Chaps, Haven't posted here for a while but looking for some advice please. Going to see an MB Approved Used March 2016 C200 AMG Line Auto, that has only covered 8000 miles on Thursday as a potential car for my Dad. Just wanted to ask those in the know if there is anything I should look...
  4. K

    How to remove the air from fuel line?

    Hello, i have a problem with air at fuel lines. I replace the O-rings, 4 of them and when i start the car only at one place don't clean the air, and when engine works there is left a little air space, when i stop the engine the fuel going back to somewere. I have something like hand pump but i...
  5. M

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot - Video

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot [YOUTUBE HD]pF69r5cBTCU[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. H

    Headup display for c220d amg line out of stock?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a new car and wanted the headup display option, but the salesman said that: "There is one thing having the allocation to change the specification of a car but sometimes items often go on critical code, meaning you cannot process the order 100%. And It may...
  7. Frankor

    Towbar - E220 AMG Line 2017 (W213)

    Has anyone here had an aftermarket towbar fitted to a E220 AMG Line W213 (2017)? I can't seem to find any info relating to this car. I removed the towbar from my E220 W212 (2014) and at first glance appears to be the same re brackets and fittings. It may be the issue is the bumper guard will...
  8. philsmerc

    S205 C250 Bluetec AMG line ticking noise from rear offside when switching off

    Hi Had the car since last June and after a few weeks, I noticed that sometimes, after switching off and getting out of the car, I could hear a slight ticking noise coming under the car. It only lasts about 15 to 20 seconds and sounds as though it's coming from the rear offside of the car -...
  9. Frankor

    New E220D AMG Line Premium W213 - or is it?

    I hope one or more of the honourable members on here can clear this up for me. A brand new E 220 D AMG Line Premium 4 door saloon, with a VIN starting WDD 2130042A.... Just received the V5C from DVLA which states Vehicle Type 212 The build document states a type 212. My reason for trying...
  10. B

    Sl R129 Fuel line question

    can anybody confirm whether the fuel line on a 1995 320sl is the same as a 1990 500sl I have a written of 320 which im now breaking so wondered if they are common from tank to engine inner wing Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Abb

    Brake line replacement, DIY Yes or No

    I have recently began restoring a W202 C43 and have carried out all the work myself, although I am no mechanic (am a spark) I am practically minded and not adverse to getting my hands dirty. Its given me a great sense of achievement so far (sad I know), having replaced the springs, shocks, ball...
  12. J

    C200 AMG Line estate - what tyres ( rear )

    Chaps, I have a 16 plate C Class estate AMG Line which is still on the OE Potenza S001s which are now down to 2 mm. I'm looking for a replacement and have been eyeing up the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s or something similar. Has anyone got any recommendations? Jon
  13. D

    Vito 638 Air in diesel line

    Hi folks I'm struggling with air in the diesel line. I've already changed the fuel filter, middle pipe fromthe filter to the pump and the two o-rings on the pressure regulator. It ran clear for several days of sitting on the drive testing it but within 4 miles of the test drive air bubbles were...
  14. R

    C200 AMG LINE Advice

    Hi all, I am looking at getting the c200 Amg line saloon, with night pack, metalic black paint, red leather interior and pan roof Monthly payments around £331 with a deposit of about £3500 on the Agility agreement...anyone got any thoughts on that deal, would be interested to hear your...
  15. G

    New E220 AMG Line Coupe Owner

    Hi, Quick intro. Just swapped my Jaguar XF for a new 2017 E220 Coupe. Absolutely love it - I loved the Jaaaaaag but this is in a different league.
  16. grober

    Line of Duty --- tonight.

    New Line of Duty series 4 kicks off tonight 9pm - one of the BBC's better cop dramas. [YOUTUBE HD]g1QX2mMgkmo[/YOUTUBE HD]
  17. gr1nch

    My W222 S350d AMG Line Premium Plus 2017

    Ordered back in 0ct 2016, built in Sindelfingen​ on 16 Jan 2017, shipped to England on 25 Jan and took delivery at the dealer's choice hotel Oakland's Hall on 1st March :-) The car is a delight to drive andy wife is also happy with being driven around in it. The thread about this car...
  18. A

    S350D AMG Line 2015 Model door repair

    Being the less than smart person that I am I managed to put a nice sizeable dent in to the rear passenger door of my S class. The door is quite bent, and will need a non trivial amount of service/repair. The door is bent inwards, obviously photos are available for someone who handles this. If...
  19. bluelights22

    GLC AMG LINE running boards

    Has anyone found a supplier of running boards for the GLC AMG line? They're available for ordinary GLCs, but as the AMG line has a slightly different body kit, they wont fit.
  20. D

    Spare wheel for 2015MB C250D Estate AMG line

    Hi Newbie here, I have a 2015 W205 MB C250D AMG line estate and want a spare wheel for it, however Mercedes say they do not supply a spare wheel even as an accessory and insist that it is not needed as they supply foam and compressor and roadside assistance. I am travelling through Europe this...
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