1. D

    WTD: lowering springs

    looking for same lowering springs for my mercedes c class w202 c200 used or new let me know how much inc P&P
  2. High-Lo

    Lowering springs for W203

    I want to lower my W203 C320 Elegance slightly - Probably about the same as an Avantgarde model. Are these springs good value? Mercedes C-Class (W203) Koni Sport Springs Kit 1020-6080 Only £130.90 Anyone know of any good deals on similar springs? Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. EDZ649

    W116 450 SEL Lowering Springs

    I want to lower the 116 slightly so that the Penta's fill the arches better. I don't want to drop it silly amounts, about 30mm max. Does anyone know where to get lowering springs for the 116 or anyone had any experience with compressing the existing springs? A friend of mine who has been in...
  4. D

    lowering springs

    looking for a set of lowering springs for my w202 c200 r reg any body got same for sale
  5. D

    lowering springs

    can same one tell me if all the lowering spings on a c class w202 are the same thinking od lowering my w202 and there same one on ebay selling a set but he has put 5 and 6 cl engine but my w202 is only a 4 cl
  6. W

    Lowering Suspension

    Question for those who have lowered their W124s - how much did you lower by, front and rear? Thanks! :thumb:
  7. zubear

    lowering springs or coilovers

    has anyone got a nice set of 40mm lowering springs for a w211 e-class e320cdi or coilovers for sale at a reasonable price.
  8. W

    Lowering W124 E-Class

    Please recommend a lowering kit for my W124 saloon. I've seen the Eibach springs/kit which look like a reasonable price. Anyone else running the Eibach set up? Feedback please.
  9. N

    Lowering c32 estate

    Hi guys wanna lower my 2002 c32 Thinking either just 40mm spring or stumping up for a set of coil overs , anyone got any info on makes available or opinions on what setup to run
  10. F

    GL height / lowering

    Hi, my dad has got a GL and wants to lower the height of the car so my grandparents can get in and out easier. i have searched the forum and found it can be lowered by star or lowering links. The question i have is if you lower the car will it go even lower when you are driving on the motorway...
  11. bigsy

    Lowering W202...special tool needed?

    Hi Iv just bought some lowering springs for my 1999 C200 W202, I normally lower cars myself but this is my first merc and have read in other threads that you need a special MB tool and MB spring compressors, can't I use normal spring compressors and what is this special tool? Where would I get...
  12. jaiscossie

    w203 sport lowering advice..

    Hi, i have a c270cdi with the sports package which im lead to believe is lowered from the factory? If been looking at getting a set of lowering springs for the car with lower it approx 30mm however if the sports package already lowers the car is this pointless as might not make much difference...
  13. zubear

    Lowering Kit / Module / Links

    hey there has anyone had this done to your car and how is it like Mercedes E Class (W211) Lowering Kit / Module / Links on eBay (end time 29-Dec-10 20:03:12 GMT)
  14. d w124

    W203 Carlsson lowering kit

    Carlsson-Dämpfer & Federn hinten UNBEDINGT ANSEHEN!!! bei eBay.de: Fahrwerke (endet 22.12.10 13:04:42 MEZ)
  15. M

    w211 lowering

    Hi I have a 2007 e220cdi, its an executive with 16" wheels and the comfort suspension. I would like some bigger wheels, it also sits too high for me and I find the ride too soft and bouncy. All four tyres are due to be replaced soon so ive been looking around at 18" wheels and tyres, there seem...
  16. B

    w208 lowering

    Hi all i want to lower my w208 clk and have been talking to a mechanic who says mercs dont like to be lowered....strain on ball joints ect Are mercs more susceptable to lowering than other motors?? i only want to go 30mm lower with eibach springs but he's saying he wouldn't recommend it. John
  17. 350_Coupe

    Brabus lowering module (E211)

    Came across this thought it might be of some use to someone here Brabus sports air suspension lowering module for E211. Unused with fitting instructions. Brabus lowering module on eBay (end time 08-Nov-10 21:38:09 GMT)
  18. J

    w210 lowering springs/suspension kit /and cheap 18'' wheels

    w210 lowering springs/suspension kit /and cheap 18'' wheels pm me offer + pictures and price Thanks
  19. B

    CLS55 AMG exhaust sound and lowering

    Hello, First post here. I'm Bryce from Scotland and I currently drive a M3 CSL. Recently I've gotten the notion to get myself a big comfy V8 and the CSL will turn in to a garage queen. I was really set on a CLS55 AMG, until yesterday... Took a silver one out a spin, and it ticked every...
  20. R

    eibach lowering springs W211 estate

    anyone fitted these to a 320cdi avant guard ?, I'm thinking about it, as to my eye the front sits a little high on standard set up.
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