1. F

    lug bolt guide

    Hi all, On my W140 there used to be a thing in the toolkit to help mounting wheels on the hub - it was a silver guide that screwed into the hub so you could line the wheel up easily. Trying to find the equiv on the w163 toolkit and cant find out - should there be one? Anyone got a part...
  2. N

    Lug Bolt Question

    I currently have 17" Lorinser Wheels on my 91 500SL. It's time for some new shoes. I want to go with 18" AMG staggered wheels. 8.5 front 9.5 rear. Do they use the same bolts (I believe stock) that the Lorinser's use? Or do I need new bolts? Here is a picture of it now.
  3. Mobb

    BBS Lug Nuts

    I like the attention to detail that these give.. I have just found a set on ebay and am seriously thinking about buying them. One of my friends has them on his M3 and they look really good. Questions are; I have heard I will have to do a stud conversion if I want to run these on my car? is...
  4. ceticcross

    Is the truth OUT there re Lug bolts

    Hi All, about to take a trip to Ireland in my 2003 320CDI. Decided to check spare wheel today just in case. Currently have 18" alloys fitted with a 17" steel spare. I have read various comments about needing shorter bolts to fit the steel spare. Then again I have also read that shorter...
  5. S

    Lug Hole Protection

    I have a Command/Bose System in my 2003 CLK 270 and am generally happy with the audio experience. However, there is one snag. The different inputs (CD, Radio, AUX/ipod) as well as the Sat Nav guidance all seem to have differing relative volume levels. The only one I can modify independently is...
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