1. design guru

    O.G.S. Mechanics LTD

    Has anyone used this garage? O.G.S. Mechanics LTD - Car Mechanics in North London The majority of reviews look very promising.
  2. E

    MECHANICS GOT TALENT-We Are Looking For Mechanics

    Are you a budding mechanic? Can you fix problems that others can’t? Do you want a shot at online stardom? Apply for ‘Mechanics Got Talent’! Euro Car Parts are looking for one lucky mechanic to create a series of ‘How To’, ‘Top Tips’ & ‘Product Review’ videos. To enter, please email a...
  3. S

    Mercedes mechanics around west sussex / worthing

    Hi all Getting tired of using mercedes dealers and thier prices. Does anyone know or use a private ex mercedes mechanic around the west sussex worthing brighton area ? I have a ml55 2003 that I want this person to look after Simon

    This is why Mechanics love to deal with Women...

    An oldie but still funny...:D 9FefIzya7fw
  5. W

    Mechanics near Harlow?!

    Does anyone know of a good merc specilist near Harlow? I'm stranded near there and need to know a good place to tell the tow driver to take my ML too, and help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. A

    Mechanics / garage required in Birmingham

    Hello all - I'm new to owning a classic Mercedes and wanted to know if anyone knows of any honest reliable mechanics / garages I can go to for work that needs doing .. obviously with reasonable prices :)))) Am I asking to much???? I'm also posting this thread on many rooms so please let me...
  7. W

    Anyone know any competent mobile mechanics?

    Hi all, i am near Bath. I need a mobile mechanic who knows R129 inside out as I am at my wits end with it. If I don't get it fixed soon I will just scrap it as tried to give it away and didn't get any interest. They really are pieces of cr*p. Mind you having experienced Mercedes dealer...
  8. T

    Independent Mercedes mechanics in Brittany

    Merry Christmas to all members!! I am urgently in need of an indie mechanic in Brittany, preferably in areas 22 or 29. My e270 W211 has a red warning and having had the sbc pump changed by Jacksons in Salisbury I know find myself stranded and I need to get the car back to the UK mid January...
  9. ju4ior

    Independent mechanics in Birmingham

    Hi Just joined forum and looking for knowledgeable mechanic to look after my E200K. Any suggestions welcomed. Regards
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Car Mechanics Magazine - W202 C-Class Special

    Car Mechanics Magazine - W202 C-Class Special from August 2009, 4 page special in excellent condition. £5 delivered via PayPal GIFT
  11. K

    mechanics puzzled by this

    MERCEDES BENZ 320CDI ELEGANCE ESTATE 2001 Low power it drives, but it lacks power, it is OK at 70mph. Also under hard acceleration it produces black smoke. On recent M.O.T it passed on emissions Engine Control Unit' was sent to a specialist firm, but it came back with no problems. The...
  12. M

    good mechanics in sussex

    can anyone recommend a good mechanic in sussex, preferably in the brighton area. I've an old merc van with electrical problems that are workable but may need someone with a bit of experience of older vehicles and imagination. thanx.
  13. T

    Merc mechanics in Northern Ireland

    Good morning all, Would anyone know of any Mercedes mechanics in Northern Ireland. Preferrably one that I won't need to mortgage the house to pay:D
  14. ringway

    East European Mechanics testing an Airbag

  15. D

    Any capable Mercedes mechanics OL9

    Is there anyone reasonably local to me i can go to or them to me if of the mobile variety in the know re my 1999 C200 auto ,I am sure to want various jobs ie servicing and change of fluids etc in near future.
  16. swannymere

    Any decent mechanics in Dartford?

    Apologies if in the incorrect section. My brothers old Golf V-plate 2.0 Gti is not starting, from what he's describing it sound like the starter motor is kapput, i can't get up there this week does anyone have any recommendations?
  17. B

    Mercedes mechanics

    Hi out There I live in Trowbridge Wiltshire, does anyone know any good cheap mercedes C180 knowledgeable mechanics in this area please? Thanks
  18. S

    W124 Throttle/Starting problems; mechanics foxed.

    Hello All, I am turning to you all in a now desperate attempt to get my w124 E200 (M111 engine, 4 speed auto box) estate running properly after many failed attempts and foxed mechanics. While this may at first seem like a normal M111 idling problem, I can’t find anything else quite like it...
  19. crockers

    For all DIY mechanics

    Some tips ....... Hilarious DIY car repair bodge jobs carried out by amateur mechanics | Mail Online *
  20. E

    classic car mechanics

    does anyone know of any mecahnics that deal with classic cars,,w114 1968,,,around the east london area.....has to be a old school mechanice that knows his stuff.. thanks
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