1. clk320x

    PCN taped onto parking meter?

    Today as I was buying my pay and display ticket at Northampton town centre car park, I unusually saw a PCN taped to the parking meter... Intrigued and completely confused on further inspection it had been left on a Ford car parked there a few hours ago, (obviously re-stuck the PCN onto the...
  2. Dryce

    Smart Meter ?

    I've had a call from our energy supplier offering a smart meter for our electricity supply. (I say offering - they obviously want to put one in). Part of me says I can't bothered. Part of me says what can be the harm. I would add that I have a remote power metering device already attached so...
  3. WDB124066

    Coolant flow meter.

    Anybody had any experience with these...? May help with overheating issues. Who's Who in Industry
  4. J

    W246 Trip Meter

    My 2014 B18B0 CDI SE, shows average MPG since "last start", but when you look at "Since Last Reset" the average MPG is blank showing __;__, all other parameters are shown ie MPH, Miles, Hours etc. My previous B Class showed av MPG for the 3 years I had the car, any advise, should it show av MPG
  5. C

    2011 313cdi air flow meter replacement.

    Hi, my sprinter went in to limp mode on Saturday, it came up with the air flow meter fault on diagnostics. I bought a new one from Mercedes, fitted it, and still have the same fault code. Does it need coded to the van? Cheers
  6. T

    Problem with Air flow meter

    Problem with Air flow meter sensor.Suggestions where to buy one good quality for mercedes C class?
  7. C

    C63S BHP / Torque Meter

    I did not know until playing with my new C63S yesterday that there is an inbuilt BHP/Torque meter display that you can have up on the info screen while driving. I did not know it was there and makes very good viewing!:bannana: Has everbody else found it?
  8. I

    Trip meter

    Only a small thing I know but on the Odometer there is, what I assume, a trip meter above the car's mileage. Can I reset this, if so how. I have managed to reset the 'After Start' and 'Since Reset' but not the figure that shows on the default screen. Ian
  9. T

    probelm with airflow meter

    Hi, I am sharing a quick information with you guys.I was having real problem with my car and then upon on diagnosis found out that air flow meter needs to be replace.I bought it VogueCollections-LTD and its really good quality and price. Thanks
  10. poormansporsche

    Can I refuse access to fit a water meter ?

    Like it says ! Ive been having rucks with the water board for 8 years as I have no stopcock outside my house and due to having a flooded bathroom I paid privately to have a stopcock fitted on my property. The water board want to fit a meter but as there is no stopcock outside on the pavement...
  11. paul73mt

    C350 CDI Air Flow Meter

    I am trying to remove my air flow meter from my car but I am unable to remove the side that is closest to the turbo is there a special way to do this as there's no clips on the inner part of the air meter. so could some one please tell me how to do this as the seal is like a plastic. Also the...
  12. L

    Air flow meter

    Hello all ,just joined the MBClub. I have just changed my airflow meter which was the fault diagnosed, used genuine mercedes part fitted, but the engine management light came back on 4 hrs later. Will get it re diagnosed again. Should the throttle valve been cleaned also ?
  13. MercMania

    speedo meter

    hi all i have a slight problem hope someone can help me, i have purchased a c43 AMG w202 speedo meter and put it in a non AMG c class w202 it works fine apart from it showing me a oil light and then giving me a mesage station -2.0L, so i checked my oil level it was low so i put in 1litre and now...
  14. E

    AUDI/VW air flow meter

    Brand new! bought for Audi A4 2.5TDI but was not needed, may fit other models too so please check using the Part No. 059 906 461 M £90 Delivered free.
  15. MercMania

    cluster/speedo meter

    anyone selling or know where i can get an c43 speedo meter?
  16. MercMania

    w202 cluster/speedo meter

    i am looking for a c class cluster/speedo meter for my w202 year 1999
  17. gio_rgo_s

    Cls meter display

    Hi guys, Can someone please tell me how to clean the inside of my mercedes cls meter display? Because is full of dust.. Like the picture below.. Thank you
  18. carat 3.6

    The Bocsh cis injection thread.

    Hi all, A freind and I are trying to gather info on the bosch ke-jetronic injection systems fitted to older mercedes, in paticular we are looking at the size's of the air flow meter plate. So far the only engine we cant find any infomation on is the m119, as fitted to the early 90's sl, and...
  19. Mjb007

    Air Mass Meter Problem ???

    hi i have recently had a service and replaced my air mass meter and the hose under the air box that splits but wanted to no if you need to get the meter re-programmed to my car as my car still runs ruff just on start up it run really badly 2004 C180k w203 m271 any help appreciated thanks
  20. Spera

    Bosch Air Mass/maf sensor sensor Air flow meter = Bosch F00c262068

    sensor Air flow meter =Bosch F00c262068. Had bought this as I thought mine was gone on my w211 E270 cdi 2002 avantegard. This one has been on my car for few months but after Ian 124works had checked it on star was found not to be faulty, so initially was keeping it as a spare but seems no point...
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