1. F

    W205 C Class - Bridgestones changed to Michelins

    With 16,000 miles on the car, the tyres were down to 3.5mm fronts & 3mm rears. Original set and they were Bridgestone Potenza S001 MOE (Run Flats) on 18" rims. Although all four still had a reasonable amount of life left in them, they were getting much noisier and really crashing on bumps...

    4 x 245 45 17 Continental / Michelins required for R129 SL320

    Looking for four new tyres, OEM ideally. Any suggestions on suppliers doing four for price of three would be most helpful too!!
  3. B325YUD


    OK, maybe not the usual topic of conversation on here, but what are the chances of finding some new 195/70 HR 14 Michelin XVS tyres? Or any good alternatives? Also, I have the factory alloys on there but quite like the look of steel disc wheels and hub caps - any good sources for these?
  4. crockers

    Which Michelins?

    Today - car passed its MOT but advisory on fronts - so I want to replace them before I go into hospital as I will be laid up for 6-10 weeks afterwards and don't want Mrs C driving a car with iffy tyres. I currently have Michelin Primacy HPs on the rear - so when I looked at Michelins for the...
  5. R

    New michelins airless

    Reportedily seen at the philadelphia motor show.
  6. R

    20% off Michelins @ Costco til 17/10

    20% off any 4 Michelins @ Costco til 17/10
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