1. jambo6859

    Brake Disc Minimum Thickness C220 SPORT

    Just got my brakes checked at Kwik Fit in Erith, Kent. They said must pads are fine but my discs all round are 1 mm under the legal requirement...?? They quoted me a ridiculous £620 to replace all pads and discs. Do I really need to change the discs right now should there still be some life...
  2. RTaylor

    Minimum Volume for Navigation on Audio 20

    Hi All, I have a B180 CDI with Audio 20 HU with single CD, I also have the Becker Navi Module. Whenever the ignition is switched off it reverts back to a lowish volume which is tedious to adjust back up to a reasonable level each time you start the car again. Does anyone know how to adjust...
  3. Spinal

    Landlord Specifying Minimum Wage?

    A query for those more legally inclined... The lady that does the cleaning at my house is looking to rent a house, but the landlord-to-be has specified that she needs to be earning a minimum of £40,000 before he is willing to rent to her. I've never heard of this sort of thing before - and...
  4. P

    Front Disc minimum thickness

    Can anyone tell me the minimum thickness for the front discs on a 54 reg E270 CDI Estate? They are smooth but with a lip around the outside. I have measured them at 0.951" (24.1mm). I would like to hold off for a few months but have an MOT in a couple of weeks and would not want it to fail...
  5. Mr E

    Raise minimum driving age?

    I guess this is one of the last throes of the current parliament - transport committee output on young drivers. Five main points put forward: 1. Learn to drive from 17, but no test until 18 2. Minimum number of lessions within a structured training syllabus 3. Extended hazard perception...
  6. B

    Minimum prices for W221 S class now?

    What sort of minimum prices are we looking at now for one of these? Is the 280 worth looking at - kinda strikes me as being a bit under-engined but am happy to be persuaded otherwise. :)
  7. Gucci

    Minimum alcohol price

    I see the Chief Medical officer recommends a minimum price for alcohol to tackle binge drinking based on alcoholic strength. I don't drink, but I fail to see why the good people of this country are being punished for the pathetic individuals who abuse the bottle. I can forsee the "hangover"...
  8. Q

    Minimum speed limit on motorways?

    Why oh why oh why is there no minimum speed limit on the motorways??? :( Does anyone want to try to convince me that the doddering fools driving at 40mph (usually in a world of their own and usually completely unaware of lanes other than the middle one they seem to believe they own) pose less...
  9. grober

    3mm minimum tread depth!

    Interesting little video clip on tyre tread depth on the autoexpress site. Evidently 3mm is minimum tread depth for decent grip in wet conditions. watch the video and make your own mind up.
  10. Z

    Courtesy Cars.....What is the minimum age?

    Hi all, i'm 21 and gave my car to mercedes a few weeks back and they said that they no longer give courtesy cars to under 25's. I asked since when this rule had been put in place and he said that its been there since the beginning of 2004. What I find odd and made aware to him was that they...
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