1. reflexboy

    Mozilla new 'tabs' page

    Every time I open Firefox it automatically opens a new tab with tiles on it. Searching online it says I can stop this new tab opening by clicking the button on the top right of the screen to disable it, however the said button is not there. Any ideas chaps?
  2. brucemillar

    Mozilla Firefox browsing gone all wrong

    Folks When I go into Google on Mozilla Firefox and try to go to MBclub on my laptop I am getting re-directed to random sites (not naughty) predominantly ebay. The same is true for other searches. Any clues what I need to do? MS Security Essentials says no issues found.
  3. fabes

    Mozilla 3 and AVG

    Trust I have dropped this into the right forum Got round to updating Mozilla to v3 that was launched a week or so ago. All went well, but it is reporting a conflict with AVG. AVG is fully upto date and says its operational etc, but I cannot find an article on the web explaining the issue...
  4. Spinal

    Alert Mozilla Firefox Users

    I recently realised that quite a few of you are firefox users when I posted the info on the bug for versions 1.02 and earlier. Well, two more bugs have been released, this time with a "extremly critical" rating... So my fellow firefox users, its back to the Mozilla site for an update...
  5. jimmy

    Mozilla Printer Problem

    I have been using Mozilla since Sp!ke recommended it (thanks Sp!ke I think it is great), however I have just rescued an OKIPage LED/Laser printer from the skip and installed it, all Windoze programs print to it OK apart from Mozilla that comes up with 'An unknown Printer Error has Occurred' ...
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