1. P

    Shooting in munich

    Europe certainly is an interesting place right now. Is this a Possible right wing nut backlash to Merkels policies?
  2. Blue Moon

    From Munich to Affalterbach.............

    Hi AMG people I have a nice E46 M3 SMG, nav, roof, red leather, mem seats, CSL wheels, etc, but we also have THE worst roads, so the ride is uncomfortable. So thinking of moving to a performance Mercedes, likely an E63. OK, its a bit bigger than an M3, but similar style spec albeit quicker...
  3. R

    Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival - Munich?

    Hi Has anyone ever been to Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival in Munich? If so, what's it like in terms of atmosphere, fun, and average age of people who you tend to see out? Cheers
  4. M


    Spent the weekend in Munich with some friends, and managed to squeeze in a visit to the BMW Museum (and BMW World) while there. Here's a few (iPod, sorry) shots, with a certain bias towards the car on which the Hoffmeister kink first saw the light of day...
  5. U

    I went to Munich

    and all I got was this old bloody engine :D Dave!
  6. Satch

    Hotels in Munich

    Usually stay on the outskirts or in the country surrounding but this time need to find a half decent Hotel close to the City centre which has off road parking facilities. So far ones we have looked at have on road or valet parking, which in essence means some erk races your vehicle to the...
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